72Volt, I think you're being mocked...

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Mrlegitislegit, May 26, 2013.

  1. Someone built a giant wall of vines around the SMP9 wild spawn.

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  2. That's always up there. -_-
  3. been there for a while... I've been stuck on that for a while too >.<
  4. Just seen it, was deep in the wild, went back to spawn and saw it.
  5. Shears are your best friend.
  6. :eek: look at all that green stuff....
  7. Burn it. Burn it all.
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  8. Make a lava wall over it!
  9. best idea ever
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  10. Looks gone to me ;)

  11. wat.jpg Indeed.
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  12. For that sheer number of vines you'll need some Shears.
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  13. Far from mocking. this has been a smp9 feature at spawn for a while now and was griefed shortly after you brought outside attention to it i must thank you
  14. It's a shame people do that to such beautiful work :(
  15. It would have happened eventually. I honestly thought it was someone griefing and only sheared out a small opening for someone to go through who was too afraid to break it to get through for fear of someone screaming grief.
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  16. I think some mods made this.
  17. It was Deathtomb who made it. He said it was mod approved though because people want to mine huge pits around the spawn and it will help them not fall and die.
  18. Its purpose was to save lives due to death pits dug around the outter wall of spawn but a landmark none the less was a sad day when it was griefed
  19. lag inducing is what it is grrr
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