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  1. With 70k members coming soon, I think it times for some desperate thinking action on what we will need to do for this spectacular achievement! I came up with an idea, but please, feel FREE to suggest your own! :D I think what we should do is kind of like the 6k items (eg ore buster and big daddy helmet) but with less items, and of course 7k rather than 6k, and the less items the better as it will be rarer and makes it more interesting ^^ I think we should do like a diamond pick and sword, helmet and boots which have brilliant enchants, but what do you think? But please post some of your ideas or extends on mine :) Thanks guys! ~FDNY21
  2. A Diamond God Sword with a cool name.
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  3. I think.... That they should give away "Icecreampigs" that are these little pigs that stay babies forever, have purple shiny text that says "IcecreamPig" and perhaps (if possible) you can milk them. If you kill them, their pork is precooked and maybe named something awesome. Or maybe they drop golden carrots. I dunno. Amen to IcecreamPiggies!

    Edit: No seriously, I hope this happens. I would love this way more than "Cactus Pants."
  4. I personally would like to see something of a different type from the 60k items. Like a special silk touch pick. We still want the 60k items to be wanted (people like me at least), and variety in special items is much better IMO. Something like special boots that make you jump two blocks, and nothing to similar. :)
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  5. Sounds pretty good, maybe "The Bean Baker" or "I'll cook ya book" :) Well those are more silly than cool...but great idea!

    Haha, funny idea :) Amen :p
  6. Yep, we dont want all the 8 items available in the 70k members else 60k members will lose value and nobody will want them! So, An idea like this would be good :)
  7. *Merherhericecreampiggies* *coughunique* *hackvaluable* *ahemcute* *erherhermfun*...

    Sorry, was having a bit of a, ah, coughing fit there. >.>
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  8. Note: I doubt The Staff will do events and give stuff for ever 10k members, I would guess they might do one for 80k or 100k members but probably not 70k
  9. True... maybe 75k?
  10. Then they would not of done 60k, they would of done 50. Look for 80k member thing ;)
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  11. This is just a suggestion box :) Just 1 sword or a really cool armour or something...even the icecreampig egg from hashhog sounds good :D All small interesting ideas could go a long way!
  12. Great Suggestion. Make the tools really good called 70k members special
    Sword = Yum mobs
    Pick= Mining love
    Shovel= Digging Grave
    Axe= Air Chopper
  13. I think that since we did special enchanted diamond gear for 60k members, we should mix it up and do something different :) Not exactly sure what, but something unique, maybe a special bow since we didn't have one last time, or a fishing rod with special properties
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  14. Minner is probably right, I wouldn't be advertising ideas until we get closer to 80k. I mean, I have some ideas of my own, but other than the very best one (which is the amazing Admin Piggy) I am saving them for latah.
  15. Good ideas guys, and cddm is right, we could go with something completely different...Keep the ideas going! See if we got any really unique ones :D
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  16. Well, all this 70k member item ideas could go to ideas towards the 80k if they decide that :)
  17. I'm pretty sure we already hit 70k as the counter doesn't count all the members who signed up before the forums. ;)
  18. Hmm..
  19. It does, every player on the servers needs a forum account for database issues such as rupees and vote bonus.
    They just signed on the forums a while after they first joined the servers.
  20. Waaaaayyyy back before you even had to sign up on the forums. :p
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