70k member promo item?

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  1. I remember when this person joined. Rainbow chin created a thread about it, and in that thread, Aikar said we would wait until the forums number on the bottom right got to 70,000. Now it has been almost a month and we are nearly at 71k members. I am starting to wonder what happened, as are many others.

    (This thread was created not to be confrontational, but as a simple question).
  2. People asked for this already. I love promo's just as much why does a 60k promo item have to mean a promo every 10k members? A million threads about this have been made.
  3. If there is a promo, can I suggest that NOBODY gets a free promo, I think promos are meant as rupee drains and if there are just free promos here and there the price will be low. Turkey slicers were free (1 per acct), 20k in shop. Turkey slicers are worth around 12k today.

    Please no free promo offers,

  4. A million? How about zero?

    I scrolled through 14 pages of community discussion and 4 pages of emc help and support to see nothing.
  5. I've actually seen one or two but not a million :D
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  6. Even if people don't like getting a promo for every 10k members, Aikar said there would be, and he needs to keep his word, maybe (AmusedStew did have a point) make it so you have to pay for it, not that you just get a free item.
  7. Just because he said wait for 70k does not mean he was planning on giving something out. He was commenting that the numbers were not accurate.
  8. ICC said he could whip something up a few days after 70k. I think he might have held an event.
  9. why dont we wait until we have a 75k promo as its more of an achievement since its 3/4 of 100k members?
  10. About time someone agrees with me..
  11. I think that making it a paid promo would also help to stop scammers from scamming new players out of their promo items like buying their turkey slicers or holiday picks for 1k or less!
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  12. Were still discussing it. We are taking into consideration the players requests for there not being a free handout...
  13. If its like the 60k member items, everyone should get a freebie or have them cheap to buy. We are talking about the community in a whole that got us to that many members anyway. Why leave out the members that don't have rupees.
    I'd rather see the holiday and random promos not be handed out as freebies.
  14. Maybe do what you did with the 60k items just give players enough r to buy one of the items?
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  15. Just have it similar to the original 60k items, with a set of items for sale in the /shop with one claimable from /promo :)
    Also, I don't see why people are complaining about freebies now, we've had /promo for promos for ages and nobody seemed to mind :)
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  16. Here is my opinion, I do not think this is a good idea because how is this fair to new players? How are they going to have 20,ooo rupees laying around to buy one item? Those funds are going to be used on things they need. If the only way to obtain these items is to purchase them, then only the rupee rich will have the promo items.

    Suggestion then: If free promo items are a problem then limit 1 free one per IP address. And / or put an advertised minimum purchase price on the promo item or put the min price in the description of the item. That way if someone wants another item they can pay the min offer to the new player for that promo item, so it is a win win. Good money to the new player and the other person gets another promo item. And since the percentage turn around on new players is around 50% those funds will be lost to the system, but if they stay, you have given them buying power to purchase whatever they want.

    EDIT: BTW, the only promo items I have are the free ones. I will not blow 20k, 1 quarter of my total rupees, on one item.
  17. Per IP is terrible idea, it ruins it for brothers/sisters who play.
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  18. The main reason I said IP address was for people that have alts and receive multiple free promo items.
  19. That's one of the reasons why I get alts haha
  20. Don't forget I am pro-free promo item. Just trying to come up with ideas to compromise with the anti-free promo faction. If I could swing another license I would claim those promo items too. :D