7 days 2 die 1.1a

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Flying zombies bees in alpha 2

aw crap 5 vote(s) 71.4%
I live underground :P 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Hello everyone, I am here to see who plays 7D2D (I know of one other person that plays) for my own evil reasons. 7D2D is a voxel based zombie survival game that requires building and minecraft (this game is similar to minecraft with its mining and building) currently in alpha (1.1 yay new patch) with its gravity and its nights makes it difficult to start, but possible to live nearly forever. Currently the infection that makes people respawn as zombies in 7 in game days isn't implemented yet so just don't think about the title :p. So anyone play? YouTube series? looking to start a lets play?
  2. anyone? (I just started a new game found 4 shotguns no ammo -_-)
  3. Where can you find this game?
  4. http://7daystodie.com/ currently to play the game now its $35 any less makes it so you have to wait till beta or full release come out (2-3 YEARS so spend dat $35 or wait)
  5. morning bump (the spikes held today surrounding the entrance to my underground base, but now the zombies have started to mine down, this isn't good I must make a backup shelter quickly)
  6. Saw the vid for it. I will buy as soon as I can :D. It looks great
  7. also mac users, the game got support for mac with the new patch so now you can play :)
    (and lead still didn't get fixed -_-)
  8. I have it, but it broke and won't let me log in...
  9. redownload? change password? (before the patch your password would be sent to servers that you connected to so you might want to try one of those)
  10. It is actually because I have yet to re register, and both of the accounts are linked to one email :D
  11. :p, bump
  12. evil..... I play on a server and host one but you shall not join you demonic intern.

    (extremely bored... >3 you CJ)
  13. let me on :p
  14. to make this thread a bit more popular here is an origin key for the ninjas GSL4-DM64-67R6-NFTW-3PUG I have no use for this nor do I even know if it works anymore
  15. Is it 35 to purchase game or 35 a month like our supporter payments?
  16. 1 time purchase like minecraft
  17. Ok when i get 35 dollars (prob my b-day) (this year december 13th. aka. friday the 13th) and ill buy it and play with you.
  18. Zombie survival, Minecraft, RPG all in one? Defiantly cant wait till i get 35 dollars.
  19. its a great game just a few bugs, but it is in alpha :)