6k Give Away Event

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  1. Hey, so I was just thinking about what to do so I thought, A give away, 6k give away. This is a easy event all it is, is a lucky guess game it is a game of guess a number that im thinking. And when you got a number say it in this thread and you only get two guesses, if yo uget it right i will PM you on the site and then i will say on this thread we have a winner. so Good Luck all

    My Number : Is between 1 and to 1000 Good Luck :p
  2. First guess: 98
    Second guess: 9
  3. Sorry Captain Wrong Answers, Thanks for playing
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  4. No saying higher/lower? :( Anyways, 1 is included, 1000 is excluded? My guess is in fact 528.
  5. First: 137
    Second: 777
  6. Thanks For Playing But Still No Correct Answer, clues will be in later in the thread.
  7. 1st: 432
    2nd: 109
    *crossing fingers* :p
  8. First: 958
    2nd: 152
  9. Thanks for playing but still no correct answers
  10. First guess: 77
    Second guess: 78
    Thanks for having the giveaway :)
  11. First: 17
    Second: 437
  12. Thanks For Playing But still no correct answer
  13. first 69
    second 89
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  14. did i win harrold ;)
  15. 21
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  16. Thanks For guessing but still no winners
  17. 212, 998
  18. Thanks For Paying, Sorry incorrect