(625) Infinite Villager 101 Books

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  1. [ "Inf Villager 101" only at 625 ]

    The book will give you great information, statistics and tips on how to get an successful infinite villager! Now the price is 12k per book but before you complain its very helpful and could save you money instead of hiring someone to make one for you. 12k instead of 25-40k for a infinite paper villager is a lot better, it just takes some time to read the book! This book will allow you to make many more as well, so it really is worth it!

    These tips and tricks you cannot find online! So stop on by and buy one!
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  3. Cause its fun to Ruin it :p
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  4. I'm putting a suggestion in with minecraft that for the next update they get rid of sugarcane entirely.
  5. Thanks for all the people buying them ! If you bought my book and made one, I would love a review :)
  6. Its a great book!
  7. *Wishes he had 12k*
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  8. I love sugercane :(
  9. Very Prophitable
  10. Is there one on a flowstone villager?
  11. Flowstone never heard of it.
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  12. No this book is only for infinate paper villagers
  13. Uhm I was just talking to Jayden and he told me he never made one, he only got to the 7th trade >.>
  14. Congrats, we can no longer write books, leather has even fewer purposes, and no more good enchantment rooms!
    Honestly, this will crash the economy for emeralds.
    No it's not, as hard-working people lose money because of it.
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  15. glad!
  16. Yay Cheap emeralds!
  17. That will never be done my friend...do you know why it's a trick? If so you would understand why they can't take it out until they just remove villagers from MC ;)
  18. Books still there! Think about the money you can make if you make one ! Happy 2014 !
  19. Who needs to waste their rupees with their book? Just search it up on Google or watch this video...