60 Seconds to Survive [GAME]

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  1. This is a game.
    You have 60 seconds to survive. You are trapped on the third floor of a five story building that is not only on fire, but a major earthquake just hit weakening the buildings supports.
    A door fell on top of you. What will you do in those 60 seconds?
  2. May I ask for more details?
    How heavy is the door?
    Where am I located in the building? Center/Window room?
    Stairwells? Streets around the building?
    The strength of the fire? Is it a small blaze, or a literal inferno?
  3. The door is wooden. However it's on you.
    There are stairs however you are closest to an open window. It's a HUGE fire, you'd die by fumes first before the firs hit you.
  4. Wait, closest? So there are others in the building?
    Doesn't that complicate it.
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  6. Well I use my power ranger powers to push the door off me. (Takes 10 seconds) then hold my breath and hurry over to the window (took 15 seconds) I smash it with my foot and jump out like super man. (Takes 5 seconds) I gasp for air and then realize I am headed strait for the ground. I curl into a ball and smash onto the ground. I break a leg and my neck but I survive. There
  7. Congrats. 1 person has survived so far, will you be the next?
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  8. Do I get candy now!
  9. no, but you got to be creative :]
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  10. Well, if it's a wooden door, I WOULD TOTALLY cry because I have no chance because i'm really weak.
    I mean, I would use the power of potatoes to obliterate the door, then I would jump out of the building, and use even more potato powers to float safely far away.
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  11. push this random door i was sleeping under off me assuming its an office building i go grab one of those office water jug things use the metal legs of a chair to break the window douse myself in the water and sprint into the adjacent buildings window with only minor lacerations
  12. Text my Ex how much i hated her and then yolo out of the building ;D
  13. transform into superman... well thats all I need to say :p
  14. i mean i just dont see the problem.....a three story fall usually isnt going to seriously injure you as long as you dont land like a stump. and assuming its not some kind of weird building there is probly a drain pipe or something you can shimmy down a floor or two and then jump and run from. 60 seconds is plenty of time in a high octane situation as well
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  15. very true
  16. I will use my dessert abilities to incinerate the door above me and that of the remaining floor. I am always wearing armor so the fire does not harm me, I take control of the fire and destroy the rest of the city in victory as me and my fellow desserts rule the world.
  17. 1. Get up
    2. Scramble to find a piece of paper and a pencil
    3. Write a note to my family and gf and say I love them.
    4. Crumple up the note and stuff it in my pocket
    5. Run to the window
    6. Jump out so My bodeh and note would be found.

    And did you mean breakfast, not dessert?
    (Muffinssssssss) :3
    A TARDIS appears next to you. A Future self of yours tries to tell you something that might just save your life, but is then kidnapped by a giant crab. Oh and your future self dropped a laser gun.
    You have 60 seconds to decide to save yourself from the future, or yourself now.
    Either way, you'd save yourself now.
  19. Save myself from the furture
  20. *flails around like a mad pig*