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  1. Out of no where I'm getting this error; "server returned error 503" . Uninstalled > reinstalled java. Same thing.

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  2. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/

    ^ check that site...

    It has to do with the session servers being down. They should be back up shortly.
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  3. Basically both Minecraft.net and the Minecraft Multiplayer Session services are down, you can see more here and here too ;) They should be back up soon, don't worry :D
  4. Thanks guys! Big help!

    Stad- you better get your booty back in town soon. Gonna need help with a big job soon. Haha.

    Smoochumz! Your chest is mine! >=]
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  5. Skin servers are also down, perhaps maintenance in preparation for 1.4?
  6. I'll come by when I have the time :) Just put up what needs to be done on the notice boards in the main building :D
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  7. Skin servers are back up :D
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  8. It said in the last snapshot you could hide your cape so maybe the skin servers being down had something to do with that?
  9. There is always a list of stuff to do XD.

    Just finished a good sized lumber farm so we can landscape the neighboring jungle.
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  10. Actually yeah I remember reading that :D The skin servers were only down for like 5mins so it was probably that ;)
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  11. Okay ;) Nice!
  12. Oh and thanks for the likes Cypher_Rahl :D
  13. Liked you back ;)
  14. Haha. I want to start on a primary project somewhere. Although not 100% sure where. It's basically a giant, intricate creeper lighthouse/fountain made of mostly sandstone.
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  15. Nice, it sounds good! Can't wait to see it built! Just wondering though, are you going to build something at like max world height to hid the town from the live map? Like to prevent griefers a bit...
  16. Not really- between the EMC investigator and the sheer distance of the town it should take care of most of the griefers. Not to concerned. Everything important I can mostly lock away, and anyone that destroys anything will be spotted and then banned.

    I don't think anything needs to be built that tall- really.

    I know I want to build the giant creeper but I'm not sure where yet.
    In the center of the town desert could be good because it's the actual center and would make a good vocal point to build from.
    By the sea would be cool because of the looks and it could look like it would actually function as a light house.
    Or, by the jungle so we can get nice, bright grass if we wanted to.
  17. Yeah you bring forward many valid points, I guess there isn't much point in going to the effort to build such a large thing as they could just spot us on the live map anyway and it would defeat the purpose...
    Sounds good, I like the idea of putting it near the water, I also like the idea of putting in in or near the jungle, perhaps put it in the jungle near the water? That would be good!
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  18. It has been confirmed on Twitter that this time Mojang has nothing to do with this - this time it's Amazon's (servers) vault so we'll have to wait it out guys. :/
  19. Yea, it's a lot of trouble when there is so much easier places to grief. :p

    Hm- I'll have to look at the live map and think about that. It may not be a bad idea. Surface can always be terraformed- but biomes cant be changed.[/quote]