Why u no work EMC (and other servers) ?

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  1. today, as i was talking to my friend on smp2 she explained to me that her brother (my friend aswell) wanted me to go on this server that me and him play on, well, she told me that he said he couldnt login to that other server. as any1 would do i went to that server to check if i could join and...... no success as it said a bunch of jibberish ( probably code :/) that made no sense but there was one thing i could understand........... Connection Lost. i tried joining smp2 again to carry on with my project and the same jibberish came up, i also tried smp4 smp8 smp7 and smp5 and same with them.

    has any1 had this aswell, and has minecraft.net stuffed something up? plz tell meh :(
  2. Yeah I been having problems with it a looking all weird with doubling up letters and error messages
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  3. well, its nice to now im not alone ;) ( stilll bad though... :( )
  4. I think the multiplayer session servers are down. I have not actually tried recently.
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  5. Both Minecraft.net and the Minecraft Multiplayer Seesions servers are down check this out: http://help.mojang.com/
  6. i also got the doubled up message
  7. I was trying to think of the website to link. Thanks!
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  8. Yeah they should be back up soon, last time this happened it took about 2 hours for the Minecraft Multiplayer Session servers to get back online :/
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  9. Wow thanks for that Stads :D
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  10. thx guys i just wanted to Know i wasnt alone, also do u think it would work if i play browser style?
  11. No problem ;)
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  12. No you can't get into any servers through anyware. You wouldn't be able to play through the browser anyway as Minecraft.net is down...
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  13. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/

    if you ever have trouble the above link is updated ever second with the status of the Mojang servers. More than the mojang help site xD.

    But as of right now, yes, both Mincraft.net and the session servers are down.

    If the session servers are down, your chances of logging in to any MC server is small. The issues are usually resolved or corrected with in an hour.
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  14. When you get that error message it means that this problem has occured, it's kind of a way of knowing the Minecraft Multiplayer Sessions servers are down without checking at Mojang.com
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  15. Really, thanks... I can't believe a non Mojang site updates faster than it for something the Mojang site has a dedicated service for :p
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  16. thankyou ismooch :D also shall we close this thread now that i have had info come in or shall we keep it open for more use of knowledge?
  17. Its because mojang does not update as often. Someone else had enough brains to create a system that does the simpliest of all commands and just pings the poo out of them.
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  18. Yeah lol... I guess if the Mojang site had to ping all of their services as well as hosting them and other things it would crash from the strain :p
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  19. i have that too it came up as like alien language thingys
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  20. meh i feel like "likeing" all these posts :p
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