[500 days] erosego's AMA special!

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  1. Tomorrow (June 30th) is my 500th days on EMC! I would like to do a tour video on EMC where I tour some of my residences and places around EMC while I answer AMA (ask me anything) questions from this thread.

    Down below leave your questions for me and if you have a place you would like me to tour write the server, res #, and short description of what you want me to see and if its hard to find tell me how to get to it :p. (Ex. Smp 1, 534, my epic shoe, take the tp labeled "Awesome shoe.")

    <3 erose
  2. Gratz on 500!
    Do you think I'm pretty?
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  3. How did you get your IGN? (in game name)
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  4. My res 3660 smp2 so far :)
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  5. Thug lyfe or slug lyfe?
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  6. Congrats on 500 days!
    What's your favorite EMC memory?
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  7. Happy 500 days!
    Best EMC Friends?
    Current rupee balance?
    What made you open an enchanted book shop?
    What made you expand 534 to a mall?
    Favorite things to do IRL?
    Apple or android?
    Favorite tv show?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite food?
    Favorite kind of gatorade?
    Favorite color?
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  8. Would you rather get Ice cream from an IceCreamCow or a regular cow?
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  9. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
    How many carrots would it take to kill someone, in any manor (poking them in the eyes hint hint)?
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  10. How many days have you been on EMC????
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  11. On a scale of 1-10 how awesome am I?
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  12. Why did you move to smp1? I miss you one smp5 lol
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  13. Great questions! :)
  14. Also, could you go tour my awesome shoe? Smp4, go to 9128, and a tp is directly behind the spawn of the res.
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  15. What is your favorite thing in EMC?
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  16. My AMA Special! Enjoy <3
  17. 21:00 #yolo.
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  18. Glad to be a 9.9999999 xD

    Nice video though, in all seriousness.
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