5+1+1K Giveaway

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  1. Giveaway is over. Do not post.
    I will give 5K to the author of the post that amuses me the most, and 1K to 2nd and 3rd place.
    The giveaway will end after the 50th post, or 24 hours after the last post.
    --A post may consist of one item:
    ----Text, no more than 10 lines
    ----Picture, smaller than 640x480
    ----Video, link to youtube (I will only watch the first 2:30)
    --One post per person.
    --All content must be PG.
    -Penalty for breaking rules is DQ. No exceptions.
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  2. What did you say to me! I am a Tanooki with OVER 9000! confirmed skill in diffusing chicken nuggets and crushing scouters with my hands.You are just another Whopper ready to be eaten by my pet penguin Gunther. Come at me bro! Once you scrub all floors on Galifery then we can talk about Sonic Screwdrivers! Now go barrel roll of a snowmobile in Saudi Arabia while eating a BigMac and tell me I'm Insane!
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  3. XD I swear I've seen that somewhere lol so funny.
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  4. I can make pixal art out of dirt.
  5. Who's the winner?
  6. Ahem. Who's... The... Winner...
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  7. This is my post. It contains Text.
  8. Sorry for the wait.
    5K goes to sqiggleyjeff
    1K goes to qwerty189 and BobTheTomato9798
    Prizes have been paid.
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  9. I realy hope that i can win this, I dont have that much money on the server :( But I´m still having fun here, Hopefully i win Bye!
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  10. Um....
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