4th res ideas

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  1. I very very recently got all 4 of my residences next to each other
    ( diamond supporter = 3 extra residences and other things. http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/ )

    So any ways I don't know what to do with my 4th res, at my old 4th I had a staff and teams monument but no one seems to like visiting places like those.

    I also tried an dyed leather armor (DLA) and horse shop which also nobody seemed interested.

    There fore I do not know what to build
    So please suggest an idea :)
  2. Clear the residence and turn it into a large storage unit and use the extra space for a sugar cane farm (Or any other type of farm)...
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  3. 1st res= Rent-A-Shop, Community utilitys
    2nd res= Apartments, cow pen, chespin statue, black hawk helicopter, storage, Pokemon club house
    3rd res= Grand hotel
    4th res = give me some ideas :3
  4. Could make a giant 3D statue of your favorite characters from games/movies.
    Not flat like Steve though. ;)
  5. Spiderman would be to hard to build XD
  6. Wow you're really lucky that they are all right next to each other. Well maybe build a town
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  7. I'm having the same probs with my 3rd res! Idk what to build! But, you could do a theme park!?

    And I still need a signature. :confused:
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  8. Public farms are always nice. What /smp are you on?
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  9. boom... i think i outsmarted you!!! I have 8 beside eachother...
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  10. Smp3