1. Hotel opens tomorrow (Saturday 18th of April)

    The jobs I'm currently hiring people for are:
    * Check-in. 6 slots available
    * bartender 1 slot available
    * books from well
    known publishers. 3 slots open

    DO NOT ask if your in.
    I will add you to a pm with other workers if your hired

    I will continue to hire until all slots are full
  2. Bartender- serves people at the bar food, and water (or if requested a certain potion)

    Books from well known publishers- Someone that has written books and sold them to emc, and pretty well known.

    Want to apply for any of these? Send me a pm ON THE FOURMS with the following:
    *job you would like?
    *why you want that job?
    *what times are you usually on emc?
    *why do you think you qualify for this job?
    If the application is not a pm I will NOT even consider hiring you
    So PLEASE send it in a PM ONLY

    I may update these questions if needed
  3. Bump
    All the jobs are still up for grabs
  4. Bump,
    All jobs still availble
  5. Chespinlover77 hey it irl friend or pizza can ill like to aplaie as a sucuity gaurd because im good at pvp i won ove 75 hu ger games
  6. And im a good disigner
  7. Ive been working on a project 4 a few month ive been building a castle and i know how to mak every thing in the game
  8. You can edit your posts, y'know?
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  9. The money ill take in rupees some diamond ,gold and cobblestone.
  10. Just wanted to know, what smp is it on? Will we get paid? If we do get paid, how much? How much commitment? How does it look?
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  11. Ya,maybe,no
  12. Idk how much it on smp3 v 6028
  13. Trust chespin i know her shes from my school