Donations needed for the Grand Hotel of /v 6028

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  1. I still have lots of work today before I can get the grand hotel opens so....

    I would forever hold you In high esteem if you would consider donating.

    What I am looking for:
    Iron (to make culdrons and anvils)
    Ruppe donations

    More will be added as needed

    If you donate I will be trying to include a special room for donators only

    Edit: I have set up a place on my res /v 6028 for you to donate the items
    When u donated put :
    (Your name)
    Donated (amount) (item)
    On here ;)
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  2. Two pieces of advice:

    1: Test your links before you paste them. The link you're pasting on all the servers doesn't point here.
    2: Don't boot people off the res for looking around if you're looking for donations.

    Best of luck to you.
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  3. Im sorry for booting u off
    But the reason why the entrance to the pool is closed is because it is not yet finished
  4. Ok so Im currently making a diving board , and a few other things on top of the hotel BUT I have decided that only people who donate may go on the roof.
    I have not yet figured out all the details but I know for sure that only people who donate will have access to the roof
  5. I donated :D
  6. LeoRyan10 thank you for your donation of
  7. Thank you J3nna911
    For your donation of
    Birch wood
    Oak wood
  8. Thank you strawberries4me
    For donating
    Gold blocks
    And pressure plates
  9. Bump

    Idk if that's a thing for non auction threads
    But YOLO
  10. Thank you aus666 for a donation of 200 r
  11. Might donate something today or tomorrow when I actually have my computer. I'll take a look around first though.
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  12. Bump.... Really need those donations.

    Remember if you donate you will get access to The donator floor
    I will set my res on the roof just for ONE day so you guys can see what you get for donating
    /v 6028
  13. Really really really need em
  14. Why is hotels needed?
  15. What do you mean? :3
  16. He means, you are saying I need the donations!
    But an hotel in minecraft isnt ( in my opinion ) needed.
    And I dont think alot of people are going to donate, maybe try get the stuff from waste.
    ( and in my opinion your asking for quite expensive stuff ' gold and Diamond blocks'! )
    If you needed iron I could help, but its not on the list
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  17. I agree...i checked out your hotel and i don't see any gold or diamond blocks, just wood.