4th of July Project was a Success

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Did you enjoy my project?

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I definetly did! 7 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. "Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." - Albert Einstein

    For all those that didn't know, I have been preparing and working on a "4th of July EMC Project" on 1107 @ SMP1 (I have deleted the res, so it is gone now) for 20 days, and the result was better than expected, and was a great success in many aspects and ways. It was not a matter of opinion, it is a fact that it succeeded. It contained 50+ fireworks, a Red, White and Blue stained glass stand, no lag, different launching intervals and tons more.

    While the "4th of July EMC Project" was live, lots of donations and feedback happened. I felt absolutely great. Everyone enjoyed it, and loads of people managed to come and attend it. I was thrilled how many people were there. Expecting around 9, it turned out to be 20+, and really made my day. During that time, some people asked why I spent time and effort into this, as they stated that I clearly worked hard on the project. It is true I worked hard on it, but I did it for reasons that aren't quite so obvious. After my 1 year break from EMC, I joined back (19th day back as this is being written), and I felt I had to give the community something. Doing a fresh start as little as 2000r, I managed to build my way up into a thriving residence. Feeling that I had to give the EMC community something, I decided to take advantage of the upcoming event of "Independence Day" and make everyone happy by giving them a great time. Many could say it wasn't unoriginal. In some ways, it is true. Many people would have made it Red, White and Blue themed, but come on, what other colours will I use? Apart from the colour color scheme, I felt the design of the pod was great, and the fireworks, provided by SweetMotherBunny, an SMP9 (/v 19358) were top-notch.

    I would like to thank all the people that joined in the event. Words can not, and I mean, can not describe how thankful I am. You made my day so much it could make up for a year. I am over the moon with how successful this is. The amazing feedback, the support from my friends, the support from mods that reviewed it beforehand and last but not least; The EMC Community.
    You guys is what made this event come true. With no players would be no event. With no feedback / criticism, it wouldn't have the best quality it did and the funding would be a problem for me also.

    After the event passed, 2 members (no names will be given due to respecting their privacy) asked if I will be making another event. I will definetly be making an event, co-working with TheMiniKins to create an "adventure map" themed sort of thing for halloween. This, hopefully, will take course of the spacing of 2 res's next to each other. It will be better than this one, due to the buildings, designs, redstone, potions and best of all - architecture. I would definetly hope to see you guys there at my next event, and thank you all for reading! :)

    Again, thank you so much for being a great help, and keep being awesome!

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  2. Good job man, it's nice to see good players coming back and doing things like this.
  3. I enjoyed it in my own way. (last rant for the evening I guess). I didn't go to your festivity because I kinda forgot but also because I got tied up in other things. But I do enjoy reading all this and I honestly take pleasure in reading that it was a success, I'll probably go to visit your residence tomorrow to see the whole thing (but at my own pase so to speak).

    But yes, I'm really happy to learn that you had a good time!
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  4. *that moment when you look at the poll and you didn't show up* It was amazing... I think?
  5. late good job! Here's a follow! :D
  6. Seems like it was indeed quite nice!