400 days... 1000 posts... Wow.

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  1. So, as the title says above, I've hit 400 days AND 1,000 posts, AT THE SAME TIME. Of course this was all plainly coordinated in my head, and planned for the entire Empire to enjoy. I've given like, 6 stories about me, so I'll just Copy and Paste one of those then give some shoutouts. Such a nice celebration.

    There was nothing I could find, so of course, more typing for me >.<

    My name is Devon, currently 12 years old, residing in the great state of the USA. I've been on EMC for about 400 days (lol) and enjoyed every day of it. I love joining and getting "Hey" and "Hello". It make me feel all fuzzy inside. I do my best to be humorous as often as I can, but it doesn't always have the same effect when I'm not up in your face yelling "FEAST YA EYES!"

    After about 5 followers I was like "I famous :D" Then I got 10 and I was like ":cool:" Then I got 20 and was like ":eek:" Then I hit 30 and was all like ":confused:" I enjoy talking to everyone of you, meeting all the others.

    I currently am working on LOADS of projects, such as: The Rainbow Melon Casino, SMP9 Shop, and an Enchantment Shop on 2. I have a decent amount of money at 11k, but not much at all.

    /end textwall
    /begin shoutouts

    JackBiggin - You've been an awesome friend throughout my time on EMC, and I enjoying hearing about your plans to take over EMC, you little alien :)

    battmeghs - Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. Ich genieße Hören Ihrer Erfreuliches jeden Tag, und gehen zusammen mit ihnen. Du bist immer Spaß, zu hören und zu sprechen, auf Portal-und EMC.

    PandasEatRamen - Panda :D I love how you helped me with all my wacko wild ideas, and dealt through everything

    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx - Piggeh :D I remember you being a tiny little noob, being the first to join the Slime Team, and wanting power :p

    I will add more later, just had to go for now, please tell me if you want a shoutout!

    Oh yeah, ask anything below. First person to respond to this thread get 1k!
  2. I remember back in the day, your block of oak wood planks as a house. Ryuga and I helping, ahhhhh, back in the day.
  3. state isn't the USA a country :confused:?
    and where is my 1k?
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  4. Goes to 72Volt for being the first to respond :)
    I remember :D
    Thank you :)
  5. He could've been referring to the US as a sovereign state as opposed to a federal state as you've interpreted it.
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  6. I don't know if I did anything that I actually met you by Imposter's scavenger hunt. Anything but this , I think I was a bystander to you.

  7. Yay, a great deal of free money ^_^
    thank you Yankee ^_^
  8. No problem.
  9. Congrats yankees on such an achievement. :)
  10. Congratulations! Im still in the 130 area /Emc noob =P
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  11. I can't take anything you say seriously when you are wearing a teletubbie (not sure if I spelled that right) costume.
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  12. i always like seeing nobodys turn into somebodys :)
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  13. That costume is 100% serious. It says "'Im here to kick creeper butt and party"'. =P
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  14. Congrats Big Fuzzy Teletubby!
  15. i love your mother tersea saying. it's so true :)
  16. Thank you :D
  17. Congrats Bro :D
    Your just 50 or so days ahead of me :3
  18. Grey text revealed!
    Noo Hoo Hoo! You stole my signature quote!:(
  19. 400 days! You my friend, are one amazing teletubie