366 days - I suppose I should do an AMA then..

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  1. Right - well, 366 days, I suppose I should do one of these, seems the trend!

    So as I've pretty much summed up in the title, AMA! (With limits of course! :))
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  2. Congratulations on one year! :)

    How do you get so much likes? :p
  3. By not posting spam and making good quality posts :)
  4. Like this, haha

    What's your home server?
    What kind of computer do you have?
    How much do you play EMC?
  5. Whyz are you so smart in the wayz of teh interwebz?
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  6. My home server is SMP3
    I have a gaming system built by me that is super awesome for minecraft!
    I have not logged in as much recently, but I'm on the forums a lot, put it that way! :)
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  7. I use it a lot and if you use something a lot, you get curious as to how it works and then you learn from others - much like I did :)
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  8. Why do you like cats?
  9. I've had cat's around me since the day I was born - Never not had one (I still have my Kitty that my mother got a month before I was born!) There's so many things about cat's I love, to name one, they're extremely loving - They'll cuddle up to you and give you that uplift when you're feeling down and most need it :)
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  10. I've been around dogs since I was born. I had a black labrador from before I was born until I was 3 - he was, sadly, taken back to the rescue station as he stole food from the fridge and messed the house up while we were gone. My nan & grandad had a dog, but she passed on due to having several health problems, and being too old for the medication, about 4 years ago. I've had my current dog since I was 6 - and i'm 12 now :p

    I do want a cat, however i'm allergic to most of them and my dad doesn't like my dog because she isn't the type of dog easily trained...she tries to kill birds, mice, rats and if she were to see a fox, she'd easily outrun it and probably kill it - her type of dog is very small but very agile and are very successful hunters :p Cats are worse..they bring half-dead mice in front of you to make you finish the kill xD
  11. Didn't you know? It's them saying you didn't feed me enough this morning!
  12. Do you like me?
    Am I a spammer?
    How'd you choose your name?
    What brought you to EMC?
    Why Minecraft?
    Do you like cheese?
    Hi :D
    How are you?
    Is school fun?
    Do you like school?
  13. Sure.
    Not a spammer, just an even more addicted Minecrafter :)

    My name was made up by my much older sister when I was 6 and was attempting to get me into another game, I've used it ever since.

    I had got bored of Single player after nearly a year and decided to go try out multiplayer, I played on another server for a week and then gave up after I got griefed, I then found EMC after searching for anti grief and I've been playing ever since!

    I saw it back in Indev and didn't like it in the slightest, then in early alpha I watched PaulSoaresJR first Minecraft tutorial and I was hooked and playing within 3 days of seeing that.

    I honestly can't stand cheeses, I don't know why but I just done

    Okay - Scratch that about you not being a spammer :)

    I hate school - But I do put 100% effort into it because I know, at the end of the day it decides if I work and McDonalds or somewhere like Intel or AMD.
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  14. I was happy at the start -.-

    And about the cheese - me either! :D
  15. I'd rather work at AMD :3
    But I'm almost certainly going to work at my Cousins computer shop (repairs...) it's just what I love ;3
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  16. I like that cats do not take crap from anyone.
  17. Get ready for this

    wats ur favorite color?

    wats ur moms name?

    r u taken or single?

    wat did u get on ur last report card?

    wats 2day?

    wat color is ur favorite animal?

    google,ask jeeves,or yahoo?

    wats ur crush/bf/gf's name?

    how many pairs of shoes do u have?

    wats ur cats name?

    how do u relieve stress?

    wats ur favorite sport?

    do u have a myspace account?

    wats the best thing 2 do on a rainy day?

    when was the last time u went 2 the beach?

    wat sports do u play?

    wats ur star sign?

    wats the 3rd letter of ur 1st name?

    do u watch football?

    wats ur favorite drink?

    how often do u get on the computer?

    would u ever go 2 a rave?

    do u lk strawberry shortcake?[the food not the character]

    wat kind of music do u listen 2?

    wats ur favorite flavor of ice cream?

    do u lk strawberries?

    do u lk taking pictures?

    ...or being in them?

    have u ever been on a plane?

    wat state do u live in?

    do u own a laptop?

    wat do u do 4 fun?

    have u ever been 2 a quineanera?

    do u even kno wat that is?

    do u listen 2 maroon 5?

    wats ur favorite subject in school?

    do u play any instruments?

    how much money do u have?

    wat do u normally eat 4 breakfast?

    wat school do u go 2?

    when was the last time u cooked?

    if u could have 1 super power,wat would it be?

    wat would u do with $1,000,000?

    do u lk going 2 the zoo?

    whos ur best friend?

    mp3,iPod,or zune?

    have u ever broken a bone?

    wat time do u wake up normally?

    wats ur favorite song?

    r u good at history?

    if i told u this survey was over,would u believe me?

    well its not even close 2 being over so lets keep going...

    have u ever told a best friend u hated them?

    is the computer urs or "the family's"?

    do u lk 2 share food?

    do u laugh alot?

    most ppl hate being labeled,but wat would u label urself as?

    do u have an X-Box 360?

    wats ur favorite video game?

    do u watch basketball?

    do u celebrate christmas?

    so how was ur day?

    wats ur dream job?

    wats the longest survey u've every filled out?

    pens,pencils,or markers?

    wat was the last movie u watched?

    do u lk 2 write?

    wat do u think about hamsters?

    would u adopt an orphaned monkey?

    say something country.

    wats ur favorite snack?

    do u wear make-up?

    wats ur age multipied by 3?

    when was the last time it rained in ur town?

    is it possible 2 lick ur elbow?

    have u ever had a crush on a friend?

    would u get ur lip pierced?

    wat did u do 4 fun when u were 5?

    popcorn is awsome.true or false?

    name a bad habbit of urs.

    do u wish on stars?

    do u lk anime?

    would u rather die alone,or die protecting a person u didnt kno?

    do u kno who jeff gordon is?

    do u plan on goin 2 college?

    wat pet would u love 2 have?

    can u drive?

    be honest.have u ever eaten raw cookie dough?

    wat decade were u born in?

    have u ever failed a class?

    do u make new freinds easily?

    would u want 2 be famous?

    wats the capital of idaho?

    who do always feel lk talking 2?

    when do u want 2 get married?

    do u believe in ghosts?

    have u ever been 2 memphis?

    r u affraid of spiders?

    wats the most productive thing u've done 2day?

    say something gangster...

    do u want kids?

    do u LIKE kids?

    can u make spaghetti without burning anything?

    have u ever needed surgery?

    if u could change ur eye color,wat color would it be?

    wat game would u lk 2 play if u could?

    if u were president,wat would u do during ur term?

    would anybody elect u 4 a 2nd term?

    wats ur computers screensaver?

    wat smiley do u use the most?[=),XD,-.-,ect.]

    question 111...make a wish!

    now that thats over,wat would u do 2 make ur wish come true?

    who/wat makes u smile?

    do u have a psp?
  18. What is your full name?
    How many stuffed animals do you own?
    One charity organization you think is worthy of your money?
    Favorite zoo animal?
    If you could fly anywhere around the world, where would you want to fly to and why?
    Shoe size?
    Favorite School Subject?
    Have you ever eaten at the Costco food court?
    Favorite pizza topping?
    What kind of laundry soap do you buy?
    Do you like to take pictures?
    Favorite child -hood toy?
    Favorite novel/book?
    Do you like to go on nature walks?
    Pepsi or Coke?
    What TV character inspires you?
    Did you watch the 2011 Miss American Pageant?
    Blockbuster or Netflix?
    Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers?
    If you were trapped on a deserted island for 60 nights and 60 days, what 5 items would you take with you?
    What kind of car/truck do you drive?
    Ultimate dream vacation?
    Favorite Disney character?
    When is your birthday?
    Chocolate or Vanilla?
    Ever been to Washington DC?
    Favorite wild animal?
    Are we there yet?
    Favorite clothing brand?
    Do you like to cook?
    Favorite household chore if any?
    Did you have a good News Years? What did you do to celebrate it?
    Favorite season?
    Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?
    Your best friend’s name?
    Pizza or spaghetti?
    Enchiladas or burritos?
    Wide ruled or college ruled paper?
    Sears or JC Penny?
    Ever been to California?
    What TV show from your child hood would you like to see come back on the air?
    Body wash or bar soap?
    What kind of computer do you have?
    Smart phone or regular phone?
    Do you need new furniture?
    Where do you buy groceries at?
    Where do you buy clothes at?
    Ever had a pillow fight?
    Ever been in a car accident?
    Ever been to Detroit, Michigan?
    Ever been to Alaska?
    What are you afraid of?
    What is your weakest link?
    Have you ever worked at McDonalds?
    Rain or Snow?
    Favorite comedy movie?
    Favorite action flick?
    Do you like chick flicks?
    Cookies or brownies?
    Do you use a bath robe?
    Hotel or Motel?
    Do you believe laughter is the best medicine?
    Do you like buffet restaurants?
    What would you do if suddenly the whole computer system world crashed?
    Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
    Spongebob or Patrick?
    Lightning MCQueen or Tow Mater?
    What the heck?
    Advil or Tylenol?
    If you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
    What magazines do you read?
    Favorite author?
    What radio stations do you listen to?
    Flintstones or the Jetsons?
    What have you done to make a difference in someone’s life?
    VHS or DVD or Blu-Ray?
    Have you ever been to jail?
    Favorite board game?
    Do you play games on pogo?
    How much wood does a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would?
    How much is that Doggie in the Window?
    Did Grandma really get run over by a reindeer?
    Did you make any New Years Resolutions?
    Where were you in 1999?
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  19. Favorite movie?
    Favorite book?
    Sorry if these were asked in the above posts. I was to lazy to read all of the questions.
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  20. Would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?