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  1. This contest is over. You can still ask questions.
    March 9th, 2012, I was looking for a server after having grown somewhat bored of single-player Minecraft. I had been reluctant to join one after hearing many horror stories of servers gone wrong. While scrolling through a server list on Minecraftopia, I saw a server that looked pretty good; that server was EMC. Here I am almost one year later (because of leap years my actual 365th day is tomorrow). So I decided to do a giveaway and an AMA. If all the slots are not filled by one week from this post, the drawing will take place anyway.

    1. To enter the giveaway all one has to do is post a number. Please check and make sure your number is not taken. People who ask for a random number will be asked to pick a specific number. The winner will be chosen using random.org. After the winner is chosen, I will /p the name. Being banned will result in a disqualification. Alts are not allowed.

    2. I reserve the right to not answer question I do not feel like answering.

    Giveaway: 7,500 rupees

    1. Spenser6
    2. redwing2000
    3. generalfelino015
    4. Aemilea
    5. Equinox_Boss
    6. Lukas3226
    7. iamfuturetrunks
    8. WeirdManaico
    9. fluffinator09
    10. nick_godoy
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. nick5013
    13. 607
    14. MineMeetsRoblox
    17. superg64
    19. Nilex92
    20. brickstrike
    21. cddm95ace
    23. ItsMeMatheus
    24. AmusedStew
    26. Jimbonothing64
    27. Qwerty189
    28. snow_freak
    30. BobTheTomato9798
    32. sqiggleyjeff
    33. Jake_bagby
    36. Charip
    37. yankees518
    40. penfoldex
    41. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    42. moyaboya
    43. GTWGamer
    44. TerryDaTerrorist
    45. battmeghs
    46. MVPdrose
    47. TheMinner433
    48. CoolCal14
    49. AndrewBryer
    50. WolfThunderBlade
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  2. #24 please.

    What is your favorite moment ever on EMC since you joined?
  3. Walking into Town for the first time. EMC seemed so magical back then.

    Why were you hopping around on my res earlier?
  4. Oh, I was exploring lol
  5. Congrats on one year on emc :D And #32 please.
  6. Can I have 20 because in 20 days I will be one year old?
    Also what would you like to be added when 1.6 comes?
  7. The ability to build full size, working ships and an actual combat system.
  8. Congratz! Can i get 11 please :)
  9. Congrats! Not many people will stay with a server for a whole year! Can i have 33 please :)
  10. 12 pl0x
    What is the meaning of life.
  11. I'm sorry, I will need that in the form of a question.
  12. What is your favorite book series (this is, however assuming you read such things :p).
    9 please :)
  13. I will throw my hat into the ring number 7.
  14. my one year EMC birthday is coming up soon......i will take the number ONE
  15. 23 please.
    How did you find out about EMC?
  16. 10 plz :)
    What is your favorite moment on EMC?
  17. I would like #21 please :)