365 Days Of Blood-The Give Away

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  1. Hello...
    I have now been here for...
    Its here...

    Ok well not here but at the bottom... Anyways enough of that. Now for my story here...
    Well the beginning is a bit foggy. I joined this server because everyone at my old school seemed to play it... Me being me I didn't believe there was such thing as a good fun minecraft server... I thankfully was proven wrong one day when at my friends house... I reluctantly went on at his house. I got into the server after signing up on the website. It was all past my head how this worked at the time. I saw no need for it. I later discovered the forums... Thats later in my magical story... I started off on smp3 this day last year. I claimed one res with my friend guiding me all the way. It was good I started at his home as I slowly learned the commands. I never really interacted with other players except my "real life" friends. It was amazing fun. I learned that you could magicly egg an animal with a stick... What is this witchcraft I asked myself. I built a nice dirt home. I had to learn minecraft properly on this server as I had never played survival really. I learned how to craft recipes. I learned how to find coal. I learned everything about the game (The playable part not the culture). I guess my start was unique. Having read all these other peoples ones of these. All I did was play with "real life" friends at the start. Gforce_99, Music3000 (The one who leed me here) and others like haggis9000. I loved this server so much I got gold "membership" my friends called it (Can't remember exactly when but something like within the first month of joining). Anyhow... I don't so much remember the next few bits so I'll skip them. Sometime later I started giving away rupees in what I called "the happy hour" It wasn't really an hour but yea... (More info here)
    Anyways after finding the forum I joined MrLegitIsLegit's wild camp on smp3 the first in his colony ( I forget the name sorry). The problem with this was that it was on my home res smp thingy. It was so far out. I left shortly after because of that. I had fun there and this lead me toward the LLO! The LLO was one of the biggest changes in my emc life! I saw it on the forum and had been thinking about joining. I joined. IT WAS AMAZING. I meet many amazing people and learned to make "Online Friends". Good thing that because all my "Real Life" friends were leaving around that time. So I meed this guy called Jakres and he showed me around the place... It was HUGE! one of the biggest things I've ever seen! I helped abit mainly sticking to my own devices there. I became more active around this time...
    Now I'm honestly sick of typing so here is the thanks... Ohh yea and one day I went on mumble and got a res next to southpark on smp2... good day :)

    Thankyou to...
    Jeanzl2000, Jakres, Kman12200, Music3000, Penfoldex, Mba2012, Southpark347, Heyaroo , Jcplugs, The_Legend4, pateraterick and so many others! (I have forgoten so many if you reply I'll probably notice :))

    Now for the giveaway :)
    There will be one winner and maybe some small spot prize type things...
    Pick a number from 1-100
    I will set up a numbers thing in the next post :)
    One DC of Soul sand
    One 365 Dead Bodies-Blood Thirsty Bow
    One 365 Souls Firework

    I will be using a random blood thing on random.org if such thing exists...
    Entries close to an unfortunate ending...
    on June 27th
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  2. Taken Numbers:

    1: TheMiniKins
    3: Adderwolf71
    6: Rianier6
    7: darkfader0
    8: mailman31401
    9: SleepyPK
    11: Maximus7697
    12: PenguinDJ
    14: Mba2012
    15: The_Legend4
    16 : Jakres
    17: BussGIL
    18: NoahMarcusWhite
    20: AmusedStew
    21: cddm95ace
    22: somebody121
    23: Cube45
    24: Rabiesguinepig
    26: Lukas3226
    27: Hash98
    28: dales13
    31: Superg64
    33: TheMinner333
    34: Mindlegokid
    37: Electrobomb
    38: TomvanWijnen
    42: 333kirby
    44: PRO_G4NST4
    46: brickstrike
    47: Southpark347
    57: newo2001
    60: pateraterick
    65: qwerty189
    66: OrigamiJoe
    68: Penfoldex
    69: Golden_Guppy
    73: elijaha90
    94: generalfelino015
    100: rman92011
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  3. Congrats King Blood/Vampire!
    Number 16 kind sir.
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  4. We're calling him the King Vampire now?
    Anyways, congrats to you Jimbo!
    68 please!
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  5. Who else than Jimbo took your diamond supportership blood away?
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  6. hehehehe I wonder...
    Speaking of wich someone appears to have run off with mine!
  7. Vampire wars. :p
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  8. 47 jimbo! :D congrats on one year

    Edit: Oh and you put 147 on the end of my name for the special thank xD
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  9. 34 please, congrats on 1 year! That's a lot of blood...
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  10. 21 please Jim :) Congratz
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  11. I'll have 15 please! :) Congrats on one year.
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  12. 66 please :D happy 1 year!
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  13. congrats, 23 please.
    also: how did you get the bows coloured?
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  14. ill take number 100000! just kidding 73 happy one year:)
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  15. theres no coloring thats how it always looks when you name it in a anvil
  16. 14 please. And happy EMC bifday! :D And I'm in a list! :D
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  17. Congratulation on one year on the best minecraft server!
    Number 26 please, thanks!
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  18. Enchanted items are light blue.
    And 12 please. Thanks.
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  19. 44 please, thanks!
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