Happy hour

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  1. Hello and welcome I am the happy hour of smp3.
    I have a cheap shop and 2reses one that is a sky scraper that I'm building I think empire rules and I have become addicted. LOL.
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  2. i know u u kept saying after a few mins Who ever say this 1st gets 10 r stuff like that :/
  3. Every hour on EMC is a happy hour.
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  4. Meh every hour... Every 1 trillionth of a second is ecstatic!
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  5. Happy time...
  6. Happy happy hour :p
  7. Happy Cake :D
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  8. Rob? xD
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  9. Me xD, Go to res 718 on smp1.
  10. /IceCreamCowBDayParty
    (Gives you unlimited TnT)
    (Must be submerged in lava in the Wild first)
    (This is real) Just Kidding..
  11. Happyshopper :p
  12. I got my dollas wheres teh sonic drinks?
  13. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  14. I agree about being addicted. Once you sign in and start playing it's sooooo hard to even take a bathroom break :p
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  15. I know right!
  16. Ikr not that I don't go to the bathroom.... really. Who doesnt go to the bathroom while there gaming.... right?