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How does the watermelon chew skateboards whilst bobsledding in Africa?

Blue, because Giraffes can only have 17 pickles. 16 vote(s) 27.6%
A number can only paper 18 Apple Jacks. 16 vote(s) 27.6%
Aikat because space doesn't jump like napkins. 26 vote(s) 44.8%
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  1. Since this is becoming mainstream, I thought I would join in so I can be c00l.

    This is my 30k Giveaway, only one person will achieve my 30k. The question is, how do you enter?

    You must be post a picture with the following requirements.
    • A sheep and cow must be in your picture.
    • You must be wearing a leather armor piece.
    • You must be holding a stone slab.
    Only the first 20 are able to take part. The winner will be decided via Random.Org your number will be your post number.
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  2. Here we go :)
    Do we pick numbers from 1-20?
    If so, can I please have 8?
    Thanks :D
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  3. where is it? what res number?
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  4. Awesome! I don't have time right now though, but really cool!
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  5. You can take the photo anywhere on EMC I presume (Mine's on my res)
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  6. I think I get extra points for having an original SkyDragomv8 Stone Slab!:cool:
    EDIT: Took a new screen shot with a leather cap to get the leather piece in there;)
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  7. I just made a pretty stupid mistake, but oh well, here's my entry :)
  8. Your forgetting the stone slab and leather piece.
    EDIT: Nvm
  9. No, I have those :confused:
  10. This is a pretty unique giveaway, I like it. Thanks for holding it! :D
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  11. Bump, 14 more spots!
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  12. You know, just because I could. I also wanted to show off my voters armor. It's still leather.
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  13. image.png

    There's mine. Thanks for the Giveaway!
  14. What bizarre criteria...
  15. 2014-10-10_19.19.12.png
    #stone slab :D Also I didn't get 5k from the first loser game :eek:
  16. Are you holding a stone slab?
  17. Yeah? It sort of blends in with the stone bricks behind, but it's there. Just look at how my right arm is angled differently from my left, and how it slightly clips into my hand.
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  18. Here's mine :D neon cow and sheep.png
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