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  1. Yay!

    300k members!

    Hype Hype Hype!
  2. I knew a thread like this was gonna happen.

    I, now, eagerly await another thread that is celebrating 300k members.
  3. Congrats, AyanamiKun! =)
  4. Very much yes.
  5. Woop!

    I was going to make a thread but whatever :p
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  7. I've kept my promise lol
    Congrats all!!!
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  8. Nice!!! Congrats to EMC as well.
  9. Why'd it say you attached a file? lol
  10. Hmm? It doesn't.

    I forgot to crop out a conversation from that screenshot.
  11. Waiting for a new promo! xD :p
  12. Yeah, that is much hype too.
  13. Cannot wait!

    Maybe a dirt promo... :D
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  14. I dunno, my suggestion for a Sky's Special Stone Slab promo received 7 likes...
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  15. Congrats on the inventory spam, Aya! :p I hope you'll one day learn to love us and our annoying partying on your res! :D
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