300k & 3 hours prize event! [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AyanamiKun, Apr 25, 2015.

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  1. hi!

    so this server wasnt as quiet as i was told. I figured id slip in, check it out and see next but then the explosion happened :eek:

    now i got a lot of stuff. lots of weird stuff (stacks of rotten flesh, cactuses, eggs and tons of beds... u sure know how to please a grl) and other stuff. i usually stick to myself really so was a bit surprised. sorry I ran off at some times but this was bizarre. 300k is nice and all but that means there were also 299,999 ppl before me. what about them?

    so im gonna start an event to do something back for u guys!! got someone to help me out and want to use this as 300k party thread! already got a cool prizepot LOL

    need to make pools (1st,2nd,3rd) but wanted to start now!

    Here is the prizepot!!

    ill add more stuff but need to sort out 12 chests :eek:

    sorry my res is locked now, but im working on a hallway of sort. u guys will be able to preview prizes later.
  2. lol, forgot to tell what to do :confused:

    pick a number between 1 and 420 and post below. i will then chose random winners who can win prizes.

    Res now open!! do /smp6 & /v +rei!

    u can use: /v +rei on smp6 to get to my res. I have set up price chests inside which u can preview.

    Event ends on Friday May 1st!

    ppl playing:

    meerkat 1
    georgeashington 2
    hunkoon 6
    epic 7
    defne 8
    dj_krazy 10
    pineapple 11
    colepuncher 12
    masterdude 13
    607 15
    lucky 17
    spenser: 18
    rainbowpony 21
    ww2fan 23
    huckleberry 24
    elfin 25
    ultimamax 28
    emory: 31
    karatekitkat 36
    petero 37
    hashhog 42
    trucker 44
    kappsune: 64
    baradar 67
    skareboi 69
    looney 72
    black knight 73
    sdolive 77
    techninja 84
    achb4ck 88
    double 95
    amused 96
    ironicsword 100
    codygraw 101
    bandit 111
    f_builder_s 112
    xharo: 121
    awesome 129
    god 163
    feyavalon 200
    owl_caffeiene 201
    nathan 256
    death 260
    steamingfire 273
    mayo: 279
    drmad: 299
    nuclear 300
    dreacon 333
    justin 350
    l3a8 328
    choco 388
    toto_style 399
    thakloned 420

    from shelluser:

    Statement regarding the 300k event chest prizes

    There is a bit of a controversy with the event chests which has forced the staff to ban event chest trading. I know this event isn't the same as trading chests, but I still think we need to be as transparent as possible here to avoid creating too high expectations or controversy.

    First off: neither Rei nor myself have any clue what's inside the chests. However... We are fairly certain that the first 3 winners (top 3) will receive the same item(s). This also applies to the other 4 runner ups. We think that these chests won't contain obsidian but we honestly don't know.

    Second: partly because of all this we have replaced the 2nd chest for the top 3 winner with a more transparent prize: 1 stack of emeralds.

    So to make this as clear as possible:
    • The top 3 winners will receive at least 1 stack of emeralds and one mystery prize, which is most likely the same for all 3 winners.
    • All 4 runner ups will also receive a mystery prize and we think that this is also the same for all 4 winners.
    (Where the 'mystery prize' is of course an event chest).

    from me again:

    1st prize

    2ne prize

    3rd prize

    + 4 runner up

    prizes also have jelle68 head!
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  3. 24 please, congrats and thanks!
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  4. 420.. Welcome to the site and congrats on #300k!
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  5. 10, thanks for hosting this Rei Ayanami...
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  6. Congratz Welcome to the Empire.
    I would love to get number 69
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  7. Pssst; we want a welcome post too! Can't really welcome you here to EMC :)

    Well, suppose we can but its just not the same :)
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  8. Ill take 300.
  9. Congratz on 300k, i'll take 100 please

  10. Awesome! I'm very glad that you actually posted, I was afraid the 300k member would be someone who would log off after a few minutes, never to be seen again :p
    May I get number 15, please? :)
    I hope to see you elsewhere on the forums!
  11. Hey! Glad to see we didn't scare you off ;) Welcome to EMC and congrats on being the empire's 300,000th player :] And if I may have 21 please :3
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  12. Almost did :D i keep to myself and didnt really want attention. so at one moment i did thought id picked the wrong server to go to. but now that most ppl seem to know me i guess ill make the best of it for now :cool:
  13. i made prize chests!!

    u can view prizes @ my res. just do /v +rei at smp6.

    so u guys know this is a good event here is 1st prize:

    all winners get 1 chest and also cool stuff.

    did event with friend today and had so much fun!!!
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  14. BTW welcome to EMC! SMP8 is bae <3
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  15. I'll take 256!
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  16. I'll take 95, For the best year in Windows History.
    Congrazzies on 300k and welcome to EMC btw! o/
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  17. 37 please and welcome to emc :)
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  18. 19 please and congratz
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