300 items per hour Guardian farm?

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  1. Hey guys. I've got this guardian farm way out on one of the smps. Just finished it, but it has awful output.

    Finished it a few days ago. Afked for a few hours today, came back to a measly 12 more stacks of prismarine shards. If anyone has any ideas on how to optimize the output, I'd be really thankful. Spent a little over a month working on it (slowly, of course) and I really hope that this isn't the best the farm can get.

    If anyone has any questions about the farm, feel free to post on the thread. Thanks
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  2. This is because of emc spawning caps, its to reduce lag I think. Basically this is the most you can get
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  3. That's a waste of my time I guess :( Thanks for the response Rhino
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  4. EMC natural spawns seem to be much lower than vanilla. I can't seem to find an official post about spawn rates being lowered though (sometime within the past year, since there were no problems before that), and the mob cap itself shouldn't lower the spawn rate, so I believe that something is bugged somewhere.
  5. On EMC, mobs spawn less frequently than usual in an area. But, increasing the area's size will be more likely to spawn mobs.
    Try filling your guardian farm's spawning tank up to Y:62.
  6. ok, well it has nothing to do with emc. While its not as good on emc your spawner has some serious flaws. The top needs to be covered, it can be just above the water or high up in the air but for some reason when the top is exposed to the sky it cuts spawn rates in HALF. I still haven't been informed on why but it has been thoroughly tested and is absolutely true. Another thing is that you need partitions in your farm. Another mechanic I don't understand but my farm is arguably one of the most efficient on emc. I would be hard pressed to believe anyone is getting the drops i am. a whole dc of sea lanterns in around 4 days from the crystal shards collected. I have a thread already, i will edit this post with a link to it.


    Page 2 post 29 you can see the spawner.

    Edit: Also, if there is more than one person at the farm I would think you would get more spawns as long as the spawner is far enough away. Because your spawner is so low I would advise being ABOVE the spawner as where it is, when you are underneath of it you will prevent spawning by being to close to it. Unless you want to move it up to just under sea level where it would best be at. If you are within a reasonable distance or have afk transport(minerail) I would be willing to come out and help you fix it. If your spawner is too low you won't get spawns either as the spawn area for the monument only goes down to where the bottom layer of the ocean monument was.
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  7. for the partition and walls use glass/glowstone/sealanterns. Another thing I didn't research but tested. lol. Also this is completely up to your preference but as they fall into the water they aren't being killed so they add to entity count and will reduce spawn rates. At my farm they die instantly and the entity count has never gone over 50. It hovers around 20 for the most part.
  8. Just posting to confirm what Gawadrolt stated.

    1. you need to cover the farm. Sky access blocked gives about 20% more on spawns.
    2. You need to break up the water source. "Partitions" as he stated. I'm not sure WHY this is the case, but the partitions need to be made out of transparent blocks.

    This has nothing to do with it being on EMC. Yes, the drop rates were nerfed (I think primarily due to this farm in particular *unfounded*), however at my farm the spawn and drops are still silly in numbers. I have alot more shards/crystals than I will EVER need.
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  9. Thanks a lot guys, I will have those partitions and roof done in no time :D
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