3 Years of Empire Minecraft!

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  1. Hello, everyone! Jay2a here. In exactly one week will be my third year playing on EMC! I can't believe it's been so long since I've joined. So much has changed over the time I was here, and I've seen so many new and exciting features and minigames that got added over time.

    Also, I've played on EMC longer than ANY other Minecraft server I've found so far, and I've played on 40+ different servers just looking for something new. Empire Minecraft has always been an exciting server for me that always had something new to do. There have been those times where I started to lean away from the server a little bit more, but I'm still active right now, and hope to say active as long as the server does.

    Of course, a milestone like this isn't good without an AMA/giveaway. Just ask me any question at all, or say the number you want for the giveaway, and in 7 days, I will pick the 3 winners of the giveaway using random.org.


    First prize: Two Dancer Horses and 10 diamonds
    Second prize: Two ESCD Shovels and 20 gold ingots
    Third Prize: Two Bright Light candles, 10 emeralds, and 10,000 rupees

    Giveaway Numbers:

    1 - Terr
    2 - captaincraft300
    5 - mman2832
    7 - Epic0258
    9 - colepuncher
    11 - RainbowPony11
    12 - Ultimate_GG
    13 - MasterDude13
    15 - ScarTheNinja
    16 - Scene_Muffin
    18 - haastregt
    20 - nfell2009
    21 - FDNY21
    22 - BabyCreepersRule
    25 - ElfinPineapple0
    26 - DemonThunder345
    28 - karatekick2001
    31 - BanditLM
    32 - porphos
    33 - jrm531
    36 - generalfelino015
    37 - jacob5089
    38 - Evvz
    42 - TechNinja_42
    44 - zh88
    45 - bluebiscuit2007
    49 - FWRonald

    Good luck to anyone who enters the giveaway!
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  2. What is your favourite promo? Number 21 please, congratulations on this milestone and here's to three years more! :)
  3. Congrats!!!What is your least favorite promo? Number 44
  4. Congrats on the magnificent milestone; few have this type of patience and devotion.

    First things first, the question: Aikar comes to you and says you can change one thing about EMC; what would you change?

    Number 25 please.
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  5. congrats
    what was the best moment you had on emc :p
    and number 7 plz
  6. We're in the same boat then!
    Congrats on your age friend lol
    Ill grab number 16 :3
  7. 18, how did you get that username?
    Btw I think dancer eggs are worth more than escd's o.0
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  8. Had to change my number because you ninja'd me :p
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  9. c;
  10. I actually really liked Saltar. It was the only horse I ever used and one of the only few promos I actually used, just because it actually benefited me.
    That's a tough question. There are a lot of promos that I can say I didn't like, and choosing my least favorite would be pretty hard. I think I would say the Lucky bow, though, because it was a bow that was released very shortly after the Cupid's Bow (Correct me if I'm wrong), and it just seemed so useless and it was just another one of those promos that I didn't need.
    I would say that there should be some sort of way to claim land in the Wilderness/Wastelands, but with a limit so that people can't just go and claim what ever they want to claim.
    It's actually really hard to choose between a lot of the best times I've had, and it's also hard to even remember some of the best times I've had.
    That relates to one of the first accounts I registered for anything on the internet. Jay is my first name, 2 is just because it was my second idea for an account name, and the A is the first letter of my middle name. My username is just made up of random things I was thinking of.
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  11. Thanks very much for holding this giveaway/AMA :D
    What do you think your greatest acomplishment in EMC is? (Could I please have 22, if that's taken, any number will do)
    Also, I'll have to second haastregt, I think dancers are more valuable than ESCD's :)
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  12. I'd pretty much just say that this is (or, will be), because there's not much that I've done on EMC, and I haven't accomplished much at all. I mean, I make a lot of builds and I participate in events, but I don't take pride in those and I don't feel like I've accomplished something by doing so.
  13. If you had to add a promo what would it be and what would it celebrate?
    I'll take number 34 please.
  14. Probably something like this:
    (Well, when the game is released, anyway)
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  15. 20 please and will you marry me?
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  16. 12 Please~! What made you join EMC? :)
  17. 28 please, congratulations on THREE years!
    What's your most favorite project on Minecraft?
  18. Whos your favorite staff member? 37 please :)
  19. Are you always this forward? xD

    Grats man :D only 994 days myself :p
    Would you rather live on a desert island made of cheese surrounded by a sea of lentil soup or live in a house made of bacon?
    15 plerz :3
  20. I'll take 37 please,
    what's your favorite flavor of ramen noodles?