3 of my places in wilderness have been destroyed past 5 days

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ET_SoCal, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. 1. Are you sure your supposed to put this in this section?
    2. Are you actually REALLY 54 years old?
  2. 1. I donno where I'm supposed to post, or not sure what good it will do.
    2. Yes - REALLY
  3. Ugh.

    You guys. This is exactly what I meant in the thread about Green's sister being griefed. It was all love, flowers, and donations for her. Now with this guy it is all - to bad, do better next time.

    Why can't our community react to everyone else the way it did for her. It would bring us all closer together and make the community stronger and better.


    If you have any needs for supplies or anything else, please send me a PM in game or here in forums.

    Best luck to you,

    Mel <3
  4. While it is unfortunate that ET_socal got griefed, there are always risks involved building stuff in the wilderness. As are the risks of giving out perms to people in your res. ET_socal was a victim of anonymous griefers, while Green's sister's betrayal was on a more personal level. Perhaps that explains the difference in reactions here.
  5. There is no difference at all.
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  6. well in a way she had impacted the community while Et_social is new also having been the sister of a mod more people would have taken it on a personal level do to the total disrespect to her and her residence
  7. You are missing the point.

    The point is we should CARE about everyone.
  8. well we do just some less than others
  9. No, you don't.
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  10. to be honest i don't since there are so many greifing posts but i do fell sympathy for all there lost stuff
  11. Hey Et_socal if u need anything buddy just pm me, cause i care. Even though your big bro isnt a Mod.
  12. I would like to back up melody here. What if Justin comes out and says that this is his nephew, or something? I'm sure that sympathy and donations would start pouring in, no?
    And jeff, ET_socal is only 2 days newer than you, so I really wouldn't be talking.
  13. i was just saying he hasn't made an impact yet as i haven't and being 2 days longer on than him means i found out about emc two days before him so it dosent really matter when someone joined
  14. Thanks for the kind responses and suggestions, I understand a few bad apples...
    My issue is not that I was greifed, but now - multiple times to every structure I've built.
    No longer will I build hill-top houses with large mines below and tracks that link them all together.
    Guess that was my basic mistake, but what can you expect from a newbie that trusts people?
  15. Welcome to the Wild...
  16. A mere juvenile ;)
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