3 of my places in wilderness have been destroyed past 5 days

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  1. I have a few places built, and the past few days all most all have been 90% destroyed, everything in unlocked chest was took and most of the building, doors, stairs, etc have been broken-up.
    What's going on?
  2. How far out was your bases. Also, you seem to be hit by griefers.
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  3. well... house#2 (which was the larger & took more time of the 3) is/was at -1312,697
  4. What smp2? Cause i saw a guy on smp2 griefing or building.
  5. not smp2, those co'ords are a tree
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  6. Oh ya, smp1
  7. 2 words:
    Go farther
  8. Unlocked chest. Solution: lock chests.
    Building. To me this implies it wasn't in a cave or underground, it was a free standing structure. Solution: Build further out, don't make it visible.
    What's going on? You've been griefed. That's what.

    (Also, you posted this in the wrong section)
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  9. k .. this was only building #3, I have 3 more (6 buildings above 6 mines) FROM NOW ON - they will be hidden.
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  10. i wish their was invisible blocks that only the builders could see, that would be epic.....
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  11. Would also cause quite a few problems. People walking into invisible walls, imagine it. Also, not vanilla in the slightest.
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  12. well i meant only the builder could see it and touch it. And the other players couldn't see a thing. But it would cause bunches of problems.
  13. I also had a building damaged on SMP8. While breaking a block or two to look around is kinda expected, whoever came in poured lava throughout and sadly I spawned in the middle of the lava when I logged in. Is there any recourse or suggestions on how to prevent this kind of malicious misbehavior?
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  14. All I can say is hide what you build, build far out and if you want something to last, build it in your res.
  15. If you catch anybody in the act, take screenshots. Also, as others have said, the further you are away from spawn, the less likely anybody will bother finding you.
  16. You have to build Far! My technique: walk as far out as you can until everything looks untouched, find a good hidden area and start from there.
  17. I would suggest building underground, For example, if your "hide out" is surrounded by sand, cover it with sand.

    Maybe build it under a lake, and have the entrance always covered, use Reis Mini map to mark the block that covers the entrance, and also use, STONE instead of cobble stone as it looks more natural.
  18. Now all 6 of my houses have been destroyed, all glass, tracks, stairs, wood, crops... gone, only the locked chests have not been removed (of course). Guess this place is too full of "bad" people, I have to hide my work and not share with anyone, I have let others that I meet dig in the caves I found... Perhaps no more
  19. That's why my wilderness home is a hole in the ground with a dirt roof.
  20. Half the fun of building something out in the wilderness is taking the time to venture out and explore the world, don't just settle with the first patch of land outside the spawn area.

    I have a cabin somewhere on smp1 which I intended to build into a port city. If anyone finds it they can add to it.