2nd Annual Parkour Tournament!

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Will you compete?

Yes 9 vote(s) 64.3%
Yes but you don't know it yet 5 vote(s) 35.7%
  1. Parkour!! Welcome to the 2nd Annual Empire Minecraft Parkour Tournament. Like last year, three races will be run, and individual awards as well as an overall reward will be given to the winner(s) of the races and overall. Basic information:

    Where: Residence 3794, Smp2
    When: October 18, 2014 (Saturday). RACE TIMES (On the 18th):
    Race 1: 2-2:30 PM EST, Race 1 prize given.
    Race 2: 3-3:30 PM EST, Race 2 prize given.
    *Race 3: 4-4:30 PM EST, Race 3 prize given.
    *1st and 2nd place overall prizes given after third race.
    Format: We will run three races, and an overall score of your finishes will be kept to add to the final tally. There will be prizes for each individual race winner, as well as a first and second place prize for the top two overall finishers. In the case of a tie, the best finish in the 3rd race determines the tiebreaker, this format is fair and keeps everyone with the potential to win big!
    Prizes: Each individual race winner will receive 10k, first place overall will receive 10k plus a promo of their choice (Between a Stable Voucher and Vault Voucher), second place overall will receive 10k plus whatever promo 1st place overall does not choose.
    Donate: We recommend that anyone who might want to be involved should donate, whether you plan on racing or not. 50k + two promos are needed for the prize requirements to be met, please PM me if you want to help!! I also have a hopper at Res 3794 on Smp2. :)
    Competitor List: This list is for anyone who tells me that they want to be in the tournament. If you are on this list by 10/11, I will send PM's to all who are on it so they will remember that tons of free rupees and promos are on the line! I might bump this a couple times as well.


    Any Additional Info: Please PM me or ask me ingame if you have any questions about our event. The track design has been modified from last year, which should give competitors an overall difficulty or complexity when racing on the track. The event will be posted on the Events Calendar. I hope to see you all there!
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  3. Add me to the list :p
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  4. Yeah, I'm up for this; I could totally win. (As long as kevdudeman isn't competing)
    Sign me up!
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  5. I would like to compete, as long as it's at a suitable time for me. I probably wouldn't win, but it would be fun!
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  6. Guys Great prizes to be won i loved it last year i almost won lol
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  7. I'll be sure o compete, depending on the chosen time :)
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  8. Maybe ill participate
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  9. Now added the race times!!!
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  10. Are the times AM or PM? I can make it if they're AM, but not if they're PM :(
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  11. Indeed, I hope they're AM, which would make sense too, because it could be written in 24h.
  12. Race times now posted in the OP, at least for now. I might choose to push the times back about an hour or so, we'll see.
  13. Aw, can't come :( (too late) Everybody who can, have fun!
  14. Bump, need more people!
  15. Ok everyone, only 6 days away! Sending PMs out now!
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  16. 90% certain i'll be there :p
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  17. Course construction completed! Will post snapshots tonite hopefully! Remember the first race starts at two pm EST tomorrow, so plan ahead!