[ 25k Prize ] Euro's 2016

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  1. Euro's 2016!
    Late thread, but anyways. In France right now, a major European Football/Soccer tournament is going on. I will be giving 25k to anyone that predicts the winning team, and an extra 5k for the exact score the game will be. This will be a fun thing for us to predict as many teams are now getting their brackets together!

    My Guess will be with Italy and I hope they win 2-0 :p

    EDIT: Team's involved in competition

  2. Rules:

    Day of Final Game: Please do not place bets before or after the game and expect to receive a prize for it. All bets are suggested to be placed day of post or the Quarter Finals.

    EMC Rules: Bets do NOT cost anything, so this event does go along with the rules of the server. You are free to add to the prize pool if you wish, but nothing is required from you.

    Staff: You are free to enter the fun!
  3. I don't know European soccer teams/football teams... XD
  4. Germany win 1-0
  5. Italy - 1-0.
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  6. Germany for the win!!!!
  7. Totally England and Wales.

    Joking, obviously. Germany.

    Anybody but the Russians after what they did to us last week lol.
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  8. Ha, I don't really watch sports, but will go with Croatia for my close friend in Europe, just because it would be nice for him.
    I guess 1-0

    (Cheers to all the underdogs!)
  9. Germany, 1-2
    Idk XD
  10. Been waiting a bit to update thread, the next bracket was confirmed without me knowing, silly me

    Poland beat Switzerland 6-5 (After Penalty ) and will face Portugal after a 1-0 win over Croatia.
    Belgium trump Hungary 4-0 after a great performance from Eden Hazard, will they continue this win spree against Wales after they beat neighbors Northern Ireland?

    Germany beat Slovakia easily 3-0 and will face the Italian giants after winning 2-0 against the Spaniards. Though looking good the first half, Ireland lose 2-1 to France and England have their second Brexit after losing 2-1 (
    to Iceland of all nations, very disappointed.

    Guess results now!
  11. England has always been a crap team, but our defence played terribly for the first part of the match (I left after Iceland's first goal lol, they had it in the bag at that point).

    I'm hoping Wales beat Belgium for the glory of my ancestors/my mum (who is half-Welsh and half-Irish, she would have been torn between that Wales V. N.Ireland match if she liked football lel), but I kind of doubt they'll keep playing that well (kind of didn't know Northern Ireland even had a football team until that match... *cough*) :p

    My bet's still on Germany winning overall.

    Nationalist football may continue <3
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  12. I wanna say Germany..
    But the final is gonna be France - Belgium. And France win with 2-1 after extra time..
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  13. All bets are closed in two days:

    What a game for Renato Sanches against Poland. Scored the equalizing goal and helped Portugal defeat Poland in penalties 6-4! Good game!

    Not an easy match up it may seem now as Wales are to face them after winning 3-1 against Belgium, who are now the 2nd best national team according to FIFA ( not the game -.- ). Now we wait to see if France will beat underdog Iceland and to see if the Italians can beat old friend Germany.
  14. France will most likely beat Iceland. Germany will most likely beat Italy. Wales will most likely beat Portugal.

    At least I'm hoping that's how this plays out :p

    Also I regret my sarcastic comment in the posts above. I kind of think Wales will actually win now. We'll have to see...

    My bet is still on Germany for now.
  15. Wales, with 1-0.
  16. All bets closed today ahead of France vs Iceland.

    Surprisingly, Germany beat Italy in penalties just like Portugal did.
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  17. Sarcasm holds up.

    I'm now 100% supporting Germany, since Wales got knocked out last night :p
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  18. Really? Aw :( Against who?
  19. Portugal.
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  20. Germeny, I hope they will be in the Finals annyway, we're driving though Germeny to go to, wherever is more sinshine and less rain, at the date of the Finals, so, if germeny is in, we'ave got no traffic and since you may drive as fast as you want on the German Highways, we can travel quite fast (my dad's got a car from 2005, wich alredey was a slow famely car those days, so it won't be thát fast :p )
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