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  1. Also sorry for double post, but underwater temples.
    Heres a seed 5448852718870389368

    Also a picture from reddit
    Some more pictures: http://imgur.com/a/d7eth
  2. More posting but this is amazing, sorry.
    And if you kill a guardian, you get prismarine shards.
    (3 hits with a sharp V sword)
  3. Here's a link to CaptainSparklez youtube episode about it. (here)

    Also good to see you posting forums again Pig, i haven't seen you around lately
  4. Thanks for linking that.

    I just wanted everybody to know about the temples.

    Good luck breathing in them ;)

    Well hi there
    (6 hits to kill with Sharp V diamond sword)
    This is what he dropped.

    Sponge has a use now, woo!
  5. Can't wait for this to come out in the Empire. I hope they make it in some type of custom boss though

    Also I know I_Summon_Quaggan will auctioning a DC of water breathing 8:00 potions soon
  6. Pig you wouldn't happen to know what there called? I heard a rumor it they might be called plankton
  7. I have no clue what the boss is called.
  8. Guardians. Elder Guardian.
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  9. Mmmmm, Enraged Guardians!
    A real use for those water breathing potions, eh?
    Nice to see ya piggieh, and thanks for the share. Looks awesome.
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  10. That the official name? I was hopping they have a little more special name.
  11. All these new blocks, builders should have lots of fun.
    Oh and btw, the guardians hate squids.
    2014-06-19_14.44.37.png \

    Also, where do you find the sponge in the game, haven't figured that out yet, I just got some from the creative menu.
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  12. There are several sponge rooms in the Monument. There are Gold Blocks in the Monument and also...

    Somebody can finally build the Statue of Liberty.

    The Prismarine's Cracks change color over time.
  13. yes thats the official name. shows up when your killed by them.

    While sponge is going to be obtainable, it will still be a token reward since the Elder Guardian is going to be mini-boss like.
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  14. Underwater MA's?
    New enraged mob/mini-boss?
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  15. Sponge spawns naturally now in those fortresses and can be harvested. Depth strider makes you move faster underwater when put on boots.
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  16. It works on the helmet also.'

    The Elder Guardian, does it spawn infinitely many times? Because I killed it once, and it spawned again at a different place. (same underwater tempple of course)
  17. Guardians do not fear the land. They bounce around, shoot laser, and will not die!
  18. There are multiple Elders per Temple I believe.
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  19. :( how could anyone hate squids when they're so fluffy
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