224,392 Rupee contest.

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  1. The person who can give the best answer to complete the following sentence will win 224,392r.

    The most awsome thing about Melody and Michael_ Nolan is ...

    Rules: The most amusing comment will win. Decided by Mike and Mel. We might take post likes into consideration..
    The contest will end in 15 to 20 minutes - or whenever we go to bed tonight.
    PLS follow all emc guidelines.
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  2. their friendship?
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  3. Your guy's personality and kind-heart, thx for such an awesome destruction party! even though i didn't get much u through a good party :D
  4. that they heald the most awesome griefing party ever. :3
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  5. Cats?

    Kind Hearts?
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  6. I would have to say the most awesome thing about Melody and Michael is how they go out of their way to help people and give so much back to the community between Michael going around giving out his rupees( not sure if he still does that.) or all of the giveaway's and things Melody has either hosted or participated in, I have to say these two are some of the most generous and sensible people on emc.
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  7. Threw*
  8. Super duper awesome and Legit for giving away free money for no other reason than just because they can. They also eat cake (Not a lie) on a Unicorn.
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  9. There friendship, and how AWESOME they are!
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  10. ...they are awesome, and fly on nyan cats and nyan cows! Also that they are kind enough to help out with this contest.
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  11. The most awesome thing about Melody and Michael_ Nolan is that even though they are regular players, they managed to build awesome things. The most awesome thing about them is that they could show the community where friendship and teamwork can take us, specially with their shop at 8700. They even joined almost in the same week! Melody proved to be a real angel, like her skin shows, because most players that leave prefer to have all their things deleted, instead of sharing it with the community, like she did. I'm not writing this only for the rupees, but to thank you both for the great work you did. I know Michael is not leaving (As far as I know) but it won't be the same without melody. I hope you come back some day, to help us with Michael and his crazy cats! I don't know you so well, but I could tell from these 20 minutes or so of griefing party, that you are a great person.
    Good luck in your life and, again, thanks for the AWESOME work you both did to the community!
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  12. This isn't my answer cause I dont wanna cheat by posting 5 billion answers but if everyone were like them... EMC would be perfect
  13. The most awesome thing about Michael and Melody is their generosity.
    Melody: thank you so much. You created slimetown, A very special place for me. It has helped me in numerous occasions, where I might well have been in deep trouble. Between the slime farm itself (very useful for sticky pistons), the iron golem grinder, and the countless darkrooms that are there. Not just anyone can make something with this much success and usefulness. I cannot thank you enough.
    Michael: You are very crazy, which in your case, is actually a very good thing. You have lit up people's day by either helping random people, having a bidding war with your alt in an auction for a DC of dirt (still thanking you for that), making people laugh so hard they cry with your crazy cat memes/images/whatever, or just being open for conversations when people need them the most.
    I cannot thank either of you enough. My EMC experience would have never been this amazing without you.
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  14. Beautiful, kind people. Love everything about you and hope you have a time. EMC was amazing with you people.
  15. Where to begin! Melody and michael are some of the best EMC friends! They are both very active on the forums and extend a helping hand to those in need. Also, the AWESOMENESS to give away this much money! Melody and michaels amazing kindness should be a beacon of examples across EMC. There shop is one of the best ones on Empire. If melody is leaving, the empire honestly will suffer a tremendous loss.
  16. Dang, when people say that it's a contest but if you push too hard to be amusing it's just stupid..


    I'd have to say the most awesome thing about Melody was her abilities to escape my dirt traps.

    I don't/didn't really know Michael, or even Melody for that matter until today. I'd heard their names but never really got to know them. After today I wish I had. You guys were generous, kind, and definitely the kind of people I would have wanted to come hang out at my outposts. It's too bad we never met until today. Both of you guys are pretty cool :D
  17. The most awsome thing about Melody and Michael_ Nolan is ... That they have names with no numbers in them, easy to type :p
  18. Not that numbers are a bad thing... right? :p
  19. they are elemental,super,time traveling,super humans
  20. ohh so very bad... :p