[ 2022 ] ART COMMISSIONS (closed)

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  1. completley forgot to ask while i was in ur DMs abt what clothes you wanted me to draw you in, since the imgs u sent had you in basic t-shirts
    so i just decided to take ur mc skins outfit and slap that on
    if u wanna change it to just a tshirt, lmk, its and easy fix :]

    also fun fact, started freaking out when i read ur order saying u wanted a mask and purple bg, but than i remembered in the dms u said i could do whatever. godda change my underwear now tho

    hd imgur link:

  2. alright so i wasn't 100% sure on how to convey the face u request in ur second comment. i hope this works lol
    (also just now realizing how green it looks on pc, didn't look so green on my tablet, tho thats prob cuz i always got it on low brightness, if u want me to decrease the green lmk)

    hd img link:
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  3. alright buddy
    dont worry i didnt forget abt you at all
    thing is, seeing as the commission was expensive (over 10k) and it has been months, i wanted to at least get your thoughts on either canceling the commission, and receiving a full refund , or seeing if u wanted anything about your request changed, ie setting, clothes, etc

    if youd still like me to do it thats totally ok! been awhile since iv drawn a forest, and i need to get back into the swing of making digital paintings again lol
    if u don't reply in the next 3 days tho ill refund the 80k anyways hehe
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  4. alright that should be it! if i somehow missed anyone (possible since im also going blind AND deaf 😍) just lmk and ill get to work on it immediately

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  5. All good! :)
  6. okie dokie, ill get to work on it 💃
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  7. Nice to see that Bosoc is still with us~
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  8. well cool ig
  9. Absolutely superb :)

    If you do play emc again and want many riches, instant wealth is just a forum PM away ;)
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  10. Is that the best you got after they spent hours on that 😂
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  11. Excellent work dude, pleased to have them!
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  12. Alrighty, managed to finish this up before going to bed
    first, id like to show off the first attempt from a few days ago, something abt it felt stiff and ugly, so i was reluctant and finding it hard to sit down and work on it. so i was like damn, why don't i just start over on a different canvas

    so yuh went with a different angel and atmosphere

    was feelin a bit spicy today so put a lil grainy texture on top, a ver without that is in the imgur link

  13. I love this!
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