2021 Re-revamped promo price thread!

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by Raaynn, Jan 3, 2020.

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  2. that thread was on the recent threads for at least half the time the auction was up, and was advertised in game (i saw this using my own eyeballs).

    it happens often with so called "high value" items that they are sold at auction and the true value is much lower than what people have been saying.

    fact is if you're still willing to buy these at more than that price you're just wasting money lol
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  3. With their own eyeballs!

    Lols, sorry, that part got me.
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  4. There is not much here that had a true value anymore. That ship has long sailed.
  5. Prices have dropped, but if you pay attention to the price dates listed, its still better to have an amount to work off.
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  6. Updating various prices from auction, if you have any information or input please message me :) Thanks!
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  7. Just bought 2 Ore Busters, a Dragon poop and a Freedom Blade Chest in a group price for 1,075,000r. Also purchased a Big Daddy Helmet at 1 mil if that helps any.:)
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  8. Dancing Boots should probably be updated to 1.7 million since, both times at auction, it got 1.2 and then 1.7 million

    Furthermore it seems that a lot more of them are floating around from the last drop party