[2019 Commissions] Potato's Commissions [Open]

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  1. SkeleTin007 is what it would say

    and add in 2 skulls too lol sorry to have forgotten this part lol
  2. Here you go! If you need any adjustments please just ask :D
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  3. Interesting thread you've created here. I'm interested in what will happen on here.~
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  4. I was just gonna say the T is capitalized as well
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  5. Sorry! Will get on it :)
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  6. I wonder why you didn't make the circle anti-aliased? (or however you word that :p)
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  7. XD I think it looks fine just needs the capital T
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  8. Here you go!
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  9. Looks awesome smooshed! :D
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  10. Thank you :)
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  11. Hello Smoshed! you digital art is going great!
    What i want: Simple Banner

    Additions : If possible (for any rupees extra ) Can i have a Toade sitting on any letter! Thanks :)
    Font type : Regular
    Colour scheme : (Letters) Blue (background) Black

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  12. Oh i forgot to include this in my other post ill pay asap!