2015 EMC Review Survey

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  1. This year's survey is quite long, but all questions except your username are optional. We wanted to give the option for individual review of staff members due to last year's responses not resulting in extremely helpful data. We hope to see what sections of policy may need adjusting as well as see how we can improve with Events.

    We ask that you only review those staff that you have had personal experience with so we can get a more accurate representation of the community outlook. Only Krysyy and Aikar will be able to view the Staff Review data so please share if you have a problem so that we can work to solve it.

    Thanks for continuing to be a great community and helping us to shape the future of EMC!

    Survey Link: emc.gs/2015review

  2. First! And cool!
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  3. Taking it immediately, glad to see you looking to the community!!

  4. I'll work through this (for real :p) tonight. :) Looks to be an excellent survey!
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  5. Gonna fill this in right now :)
  6. Filled it in all of it (Hash, I put tens for everything on u :D)
  7. Where's Aikar in this survey?

    Not that I need to review him myself, but some players might.
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  8. Took Me 30 Minutes But I Made It Out Alive. I Would Love To See Some Of My Suggestions Come Into Place :D
  9. Aikar doesn't perform Moderator duties.
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  10. yay another survey! I remember this from last year and the results were interesting.. ;)
  11. Pfft! "Long." I suppose if you reviewed individual mods, but I didn't feel the need to. :p
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  12. You guys need more age options. I feel old having to cross out 41+ as the last option. Why not address those real oldies specifically as well; so 60+ and such? :p

    (I am partly joking here btw) :)
  13. This should be fun.

    EDIT: Quick question, for staff review, is it in relation to us or the whole server? Like, some staff haven't been helpful to me, but have been helpful to others.
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  14. Filled it out. Quite the pain to fill out on an iPhone.
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  15. To you. And fairness would be where you mark if you feel they are helpful to others, but not you.
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  16. What I seen from the survey, you must Rate what you feel what they deserve.

    Of course there will be bias on who's friendly or how they operate their moderation duties.
  17. Since when do surveys ask for usernames? Thought this was supposed to be anonymous.
  18. Done. Hope that helps. :D