20 Subscriber special (Give away) "Emc"

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  1. Hey everyone i am a YouTuber that records on Emc and post daily videos, i have reached 20 subscrbers and i have been doing youtube for about a month now, So when i post the 20 sub special video, (Coming out on Tuesday) ill be doing a EMC give away! So make sure you can see when that comes out! Wanna Enter the give away? Follow the steps below!
    #1 : Subscribe
    #2 : Follow me on twitter , So you can see who won the give away!
    #3 : Like my 20 Subscriber Special
    #4 : Comment my video"Ign (In game name)"to be entered! Ill be checking , and ill be putting the # of comments on my 20 subscriber special and ill be randomly choosing at Random.org

    Thank you to everyone who helped me make it this far on youtube in my first month! Much , Much more empire minecraft videos out soon! Thank you everyone!

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFMIeT1xxfmnfjVyKd1kug

    P.s. Thank you for 70 views on my first plot tour! ;)
  2. The way to enter the giveaway... It just seems like you want more popularity for nothing.
  3. What? no, im celebrating i havnt decided what to give away yet, thats why i need ur guys' help
  4. Seems cool. As i am a youtuber myself, I would say that 100 subs is a good milestone. I just think 20 is a bit too early :p
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  5. I've got () Hehe :) I made a new account though and haven't posted yet :p
  6. Nah, I have more than enough people to watch play Minecraft! :)
  7. *Very late reply*
    What I mean is, it seems a little dishonest to me to ask people to subscribe to you instead of honestly getting a subscriber. You can ask people to check out your videos, and if they like your videos, they might subscribe. If they don't like your videos, they'll move on.
  8. Right on mate :)