[2 SUGGESTIONS] Buying and Renting Residences

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  1. NOTE: This suggestion might have been suggested a while ago, and it might not have. Please don't spam the thread with "This has already been suggested." One post from a mod/admin will be good enough. Thank you :)

    So, with the addition of using rupees to claim derelict old residences, I thought of using another way (well, two) to integrate residences and the economy system together. I call it...

    Suggestion 1: Buying more residences
    All diamond supporters (and other players, of course!) have had that feeling where, even though you have the maximum amount of residences, you need more! Well, the only way to get more is to become an admin! Since there are 4 admins (and likely not going to have any more), there's no way to get more than 4 residences! Well, that's where my suggestion comes in! You can pay a fee of 1,000,000r (1 million rupees, can be adjusted if needed) to claim an extra res (plus the 5k if you're force claiming a derelict res). Obviously, if diamond/gold players go to utopia, they'll get 4x the size for the same price, right? Nope. Either option will take effect: 1) The price will be quadrupled (4x), or 2) You can't get more residences in utopia.
    EDIT: There's obviously going to be a limit on the residences you can claim with rupees, and they'll get more expensive, too. I was thinking maybe 8 residences?
    Command suggestion: Same as claiming a residence, /res claim [res number]
    Return message: You have reached your limit of [limit] residence(s). You may purchase this residence for [price] by typing /res purchase [res number]
    Command confirmation: To confirm, type /res confirm.
    Purchase success message: [same as the regular message when you claim a residence]
    Additions pertaining to this suggestion will be input here.

    Suggestion 2: Renting residences
    Just like how you can buy residences for a large amount of money, you can also rent residences for less money. Say you need a temporary place to have a party, but all of your residences are filled up. You can simply rent a residence quickly, host it, then unclaim it. It can have a daily or weekly automatic payment that automatically takes part of the monthly amount out of your rupees. Also, the more expensive the things are on the residence, the more the rent will cost. Taking an eighth of the price (can be changed as needed) and multiplying it by the amount of the blocks that are placed gets you the price. For example, an empty residence consists of 223200 dirt blocks (1r) and 3600 grass blocks (2r). Using the formula, we get 27900r + 900r, which equals 28800r, the payment that you have to pay each month.
    Command suggestion: /res rent [res number]
    Return message: Are you sure you want to rent this residence? Type /res confirm rent to confirm.
    Rent successful message: [same as the regular message when you claim a residence, but "claimed" is changed to "rented"]
    Additions pertaining to this suggestion will be input here.
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  2. I'm going to become rich and buy every res on EMC one day.
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  3. Well, there'll be a limit on it. Thanks for reminding me :p Updating now
  4. Well, people have alts in which they can get more than 4 residences but I think this is a bad idea, simply because if I were to ever get a million rupees I would not spend it on another 60x60 place to build. Would rather not rent it either since it would be a waste of rupees unless you make a shop on the rented res. But that is just me.
  5. You can do an awful lot with a single 60x60 plot, sky to bedrock. Four times as much with Utopia plots, and Diamond can have up to four of them. While I concede that there are instances where you'd want / need even more real estate for a project, or multiple projects, those tend to be in the minority. I think a max of 4 residences per account is a good rule.

    That's not to say the idea is without merit though. I think it'd be a novel idea for free, Iron, and Gold members to purchase residences in this fashion, above their set limits, for an appropriately high fee (and I say this with the knowledge that I myself will likely never have even remotely enough rupees for such a thing). Because extra reses are one of the main perks of being a supporter, the fee should adjust accordingly based on status, with non-supporter purchases being twice that of Iron, and scaling up with each extra res gained.
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  6. All staff get five reses :confused:
    Including mods :confused:
  7. I like the renting idea more than the whole buying idea. If you were able to buy an extra residence I think it should be 500k (as 1 million rupees is too much just to spend on one residence, buying a alt would be more beneficial) and you are only allowed one extra residence, having 4 more just hogs all the residences for new players. I do however like the renting idea a whole lot more, there should be a fixed rate where you can rent out a residence for anything up to 2 weeks, no more than 2 weeks IMO.
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  8. The buying and renting price needs to be lowered by ALOT, but otherwise, i think it's a good idea
  9. IF this was added, I agree with the high price. It should be something that's very very difficult to get, in terms of rupees.
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  10. But would you really work for 1 million rupees for a SINGLE residence? There are so many things you could do with 1 million r, and it would last you a life time.
    If you do the math, Which i suck at, it would take 1 thousand days if you were a non supporter to get 1 million r if you just earned money from the daily bonus and didn't spend ANYTHING. 500,000 would be a better price
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  11. I agree if it was 1 million rupees getting a alt account would be more beneficial, even though it costs real money, 1 million rupees is just a unrealistic target for the average person. :)
  12. I reckon around 1% of EMC have reached that much :p

    A purchase cap is pointless, more or less, little people could afford 1 let alone 8

    Justinguy has hundreds :) Type /res info on unclaimed plots >:)
  13. Yes.

    Their is no cap for daily earning, at any group. A free player could earn as much money as they want in a day, if they tried. A free player can boost their daily bonus to almost diamond level by voting.

    So it could take them a thousand days, or it could take them 60. It all depends on effort.
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  14. True, but there is no guarantee that they will earn all that money. They CAN vote everyday, but that gives them another 700r, which, with the math, would then take them 1,250 days. They can also sell items and work for r, but there are usually little to none people that are looking for workers, and the sell malls' chests are full.
    (I can't beleive i'm debating with a mod, it's a dream come true!)
  15. That I have to disagree on, there are plenty of malls that are heavily unstocked looking for suppliers :)
  16. I mean for everyday items (Dirt, wood, food, ect.) Everyone is looking for ore, and if you DO go ore mining, you could die and lose your items, thus wasting money :(
  17. 1100r*

    There are plenty of places you can sell to. If you can't find one, one of the great things about EMC is that you can make your own. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from making the next big megamall, if you put in the effort.

    Don't base earnings off your daily bonus. Base them off your effort.
  18. Use good armour, have good weapons and carry fire resistance potions for nether and a bucket of water for overworld :)
  19. The idea of buying residences for a high price.
    I think that is a very good idea. Ofcourse it has to be limited. I was thinking of only being able to have 1.5x the amount of reses you can have usually. (I thought a max limit of 8 was just too high)
    That would become:
    Regulars 1 -> 1.5(rounded up= 2)
    Iron supporters 1 -> 1.5 (rounded up= 2)
    Gold supporters 2 -> 3
    Diamond supporters 4 -> 6
    I personally think that a high price is necessary, since having more then 1 residence is a perk on itself.

    The idea of renting residences for a high price.
    I like how jake_bagby suggested that it should only be able for two weeks.
    It would be useful for temporary storages (for rebuilding a mall for example)
    Anything will be deleted after those two weeks, leaving an empty residence behind.
    The person who rented the residence will get a daily message, telling him how many days he has the residence.
    In the last three days he gets warnings every hour (or two), telling him that he is running out of time.
    I would like to have a basic price for this. For example; 14K. (that's 1K rupees each day.)
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  20. If you WERE to build the next minimall, that would require materals, which would require:
    1) Your time and risk of death in the wild
    2) Money

    Unless you were to find a really nice person that gives you items for free :p
    Off to church, i have not given up on this friendly debate :D