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  1. I live on smp9 and I have 2 residences (one left over from my supportership) and I have 2 questions, my first one is this:

    In the future, if I do build my smp9 museum on my second res, could it be taken away so that a new member/supporter gets the residence? I heard a few rumours of this and I really dont want to lose loads of promos on my museum if it does get taken away!

    My second question is this, is it possible to switch my first home to my second home and second home to first home? As if I were to lose a res I would much rather lose my first res than may second if I build the museum..? Or can a staff member do a switch like that?

    Hopefully you all can understand it, if you need more information just reply below, please help! Thanks! ~FDNY21
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  2. As long as you never go derelict, your second res is just as safe as your first. This policy was officially declared a while back, you could probably find it somewhere if you looked hard enough. As to the other question, I think that maybe staff could switch first and second to second and first, but since both are equally safe theres not really any reason to do that.
  3. Thank you very much cddm, so is there a small chance it could be taken away in the future even if i am not a supporter with 2 residences? ~FDNY21
  4. The only way you could ever loose your second res is if you either 1. Go derelict, since any and all reses are up for grabs at that points, or 2. Get banned. There are no differences between the safety of a 2, 3, or 4th res and your original, still supporting or not.

    EDIT: From the Empire Guide under what you won't loose when your supporter expires.
    • Any current reses you claimed as a supporter. For example, if you become diamond, claim 3 Residences, then downgrade to iron, you won't lose your reses, but you won't be able to claim anymore. Unless theResidences are derelict, players can't request them to be reset either.
  5. Thanks, I believe this answers all my questions! Issues sorted, thanks again cddm :) ~FDNY21
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  6. Switching the order of your residences is not an option at this time, and any options that exist to do something like that; really mess with the system. SOOoooo, for the foreseeable, No
  7. Okay thanks chickeneer! Looks like I am all safe on the first option so I am good, issues resolved ~FDNY21