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  1. Hey everyone i have been playing EMC for about 2 weeks and i just now finished my 1st plot. If you wanna see it im on SMP7 then /v knight927 then you can check it out but anyways on to the 1st question. How do can get another plot for free so i can build more epic creations like this one? Like can i somehow apply? I really wanna get builder and every other server i apply they dont belive i built what i showed them so yea :( So can i get another one? Or do i have to use my alt and build on his plot? Idk i may do that but anyways to the next question. Today i have been playing and i keep lagging like when i go to the parkour plot im at around 80-100 fps then i freeze.... and it says "You Dont have permmission to do this (Lag Buff)" Idk what that means... Im not using any mods or anything. So please let me know! Thank You!
  2. Not quite sure how you're getting that lag buff. But, the residence thing, there are residence vouchers. You can get these to add an extra residence for free, but acquiring them usually is at a high price. Maybe 500-900 thousand rupees each. Personally, I'd go with diamond supporter for your extra residences.

    Also, good lookin res ;)
  3. There is no way to get a second res except with supportership or a voucher. You may be able to find someone selling these things although they are expensive.

    The lag buff this is definitely not normal. Is the message a chat thing or do you suddenly get kicked from the server.
  4. Others answered most of it already; best way is indeed to try and become a gold or diamond supporter. As mentioned; that can be done using vouchers but those are usually not cheap in-game. Even so; it is possible to save up enough rupees and then buy one of those.

    A nice advantage of getting a supporter voucher instead of a "residence voucher" is that supporters can not only claim an extra residence, they also gain access to Utopia. In Utopia the plots are 120x120 and everyone can fly.

    But using a second ("alt") account is perfectly fine (and legal) too!

    You could even use your alt-account to give full access to your normal account as well. So, on the other residence you'd use something like: /res pset <your name> admin true.

    Keep well in mind that this also means that you'd need to take care that no account becomes derelict.

    I'm not familiar with lag buff, so I have to skip that question.
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  5. The first has been answered. The second, not so much. ;)

    I don't know exactly what you're talking about but the message you're getting is "You don't have permission for this here (buffs flag)." This means that you can't use potions to give yourself an unfair advantage, and beacon effects won't work. So, if you have a speed buff it'll shake your screen for a second then it'll be back to normal.

    I don't know why you'd crash, but getting the error message and crashing are NOT related whatsoever.
  6. it was just in the chat when i went into his res ..
  7. no its weird, it like keeps reloading the chunks every 3-5 seconds