2 Ideas can make EMC more enjoyable

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  1. Hello every one

    A suggestion a new ways to get rupees and make EMC more enjoyable

    1-killing mobs give you some rupees

    Example of

    Killing zombie: 2 rupees

    Killing creeper: 4 rupees

    Killing skeleton: 6 rupees. Like that it's a nice way to get rupees and help the new comers to earn rupees.
    2- make carriers that players can join it and get promoted and take rupees monthly


    Farmer: farm plants and wheat,trees,cocoa beans,

    Miner: go mining and collect minerals

    Warrior: killing mobs

    Engineer: works on red stone and making mechanics

    And a lot of jobs

    Rupees per month

    Farmer: 1500 rupees

    Miner: 1500

    Warrior: 1500

    Engineer: 1500

    and get promoted by doing your job and your monthly rupees increase

    And make a jobs for supporters with high wages

    Like that.

    Thanks for reading and everyone will reply.
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  2. Like the suggestion, but the 1st part is absurd. People *AlexChance Cough Cough* stand at spawners ALL day. YOu could make 2k per 30 levels! I don't like the idea at all, it sounds like something Aikar would propose.
  3. Due to the availablity of grinders, this suggestion would only ruin the economy more. Are you sure your name isn't Aikar?
  4. this is a vanilla server not lets mod the crap out of it server. Just fyi :p
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  5. The second one would be more like a roleplaying game. EMC dosen't really have a job system that would change the entire gaming experience of EMC.
    The First one would be abused by people using grinders.....
  6. Right now, we're a vanilla Minecraft server. If we rewarded people with rupees for killing mobs, grinders will = insta-rich. So simply answer is no. :)

    I only started doing that again yesterday! D:
    No way, this is vanilla Minecraft, not The Sims :)
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  7. Nice point biscuitboy5396
  8. I thought you'd support more money for urself.
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  9. Ok but the second idea would be great :)
  10. He's not the only one ;)


    These ideas = no support.

    They wouldn't make it more enjoyable, they'd just inflate the economy. I don't go to the wild to collect,Cut wood, Kill stuff (Grinders only), farm stuff, or do redstone stuff.

    And if these jobs would oblige you to do such things... That's not nice! Maybe in a server Monarchy based this might work.. :p
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  11. Some people aren't like that - they are the good people in this world that was screwed over from the start ;)
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  12. I don't think im getting what you mean.
  13. Actually with the flow of time, everyone will have inmense amount of ruppees therefore making them worth less. Things would just worth more considerating there's more rupees wandering around. So to be rich.. You;d have to get like 500m rupees? while everyone has like 25m
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  14. The rupee award for killing mobs will get out of hand.
    People with quad zombie grinders will get like 20k each day..

    UMAD :O?
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  15. Enderman giving like 250r and Blazes like same.. o:
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  16. Not so good as you would think.
  17. How do the people gets spawners???
  18. find em in the wild.
  19. Yes but can players take spawners?? I tried many times in single player
  20. no if you break it it is GONE