2 DC Nether wart

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  1. [AUCTION] 2 DC Nether Wart
    Item: ____2 DC Nether Wart_____
    Starting Bid: __5000 rupees_______
    Minimum Bid Increment: ____500 rupees____
    Auction Ending Time: ____48 hours after last valid bid_____

    Extend your brewing pleasure with 2 DC of Nether Wart. Organically grown with no pesticides. Pick up will be announced at end of auction with easy access.
  2. Wake and brew with your morning bump. 5000 rupees is the bid for 2 dc of Nether Wart.
  3. 6k
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  4. 6k is current bid for 2 dc nether wart.
  5. 2 DC of nether wart for 6K is like way cheap. Still time to get in on this great deal.
  6. current bid 6000 rupees . Grown and picked with my own little pinkies.

  7. ok, nether wart, 6k current bid for 2 double chest. If you brew you need this.
  8. A bump that probably wasn't worth getting out of bed for. 6k for 2 DC of nether wart is current bid in this empty auction hall.
  9. Bumper cars 7k
  10. 10k
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  11. Bidding 10K for 2 DC of nether wart. Come on you brewers, get in on this.
  12. Bumper cars. 10k is current bid
  13. Wake up and bump your brew with Nether Wart. You can get in on the bidding for 2 DC of the stuff Right now! Remember.... The reset is coming.... Bidding at 10k
  14. If the fumes of the nether wart havnt gotten to my head, i believe this auction is over. Pick-up is at smp1 at res 863 in the corner with the fancy lighting and little fixed up area, you cant miss it once you get there and look around. Please submit payment before pick-up. I am setting up access now.
  15. paid and picked up thank you!
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