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  1. This is the official marketplace thread for the 16500 Museum of SMP8, run by hashhog3000. Please note that all items bought will end up in the museum, and all rupees earned will go towards new items for the museum.

    The prices I give are very rough ideas, so if you have a counteroffer, let me know, and we can negotiate.

    I am also open for trading. Traded items will be considered equal in value to their value on my list or the negotiated value depending on the situation.

    Empire Firework (I-day 2014) - 35k
    Empire Firework (New Years 2014) - 20k
    Independence Day Firework (2014) - 20k
    Empire Firework (I-day 2015) - 15k
    Turkey Slicer (Super Turkey drop) - 70k
    Meteor Bow (x2) - 27k per
    Iron Supporter Voucher - 130k
    Pi Pie - 18k
    Love Potion No.9 (x2) - 55k per

    All loans are accepted to the museum. However, the following items would be particularly appreciated:
    Empire Games Medals (Gold)
    Voters Blocks (Any)
    Referral Block of Clickyness (Iron, Diamond)
    Max Res Voucher

    All item and rupee donations are accepted and highly appreciated.

    For more information on the 16500 Museum, including recent updates, donations, and more, go to this thread:
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  2. I will see what I can get together for a loan :)
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  3. I can loan my Iron Supporter Gift. :)
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  4. Awesome, thanks! :D

    That would be amazing. :D I was planning on buying one at some point, but I never got around to it, so a loan would be greatly appreciated. If you wouldn't mind mailing it to me at some point in time (whenever convenient), I'll shoot you back the mail fee and a contract ASAP. :)
  5. Bump. Buy list updated.
  6. Bump for all my promo-hungry mates out there. And also for all my money-hungry-and-birthday-item-owning mates out there. :p
  7. Bump. :) Remember, prices (buying in particular) are highly negotiable! :D
  8. Bump. :) Buy list has higher prices than before I mentioned it. :p I forgot to say so.
  9. Bump! :) Sorry, no adorable manatees today. :p
  10. I can loan you my diamond EMC games medal, just let me know how you want me to get it to you.
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  11. I'll get ingame and will send you a mail fee as well as a contract right now. :) Mail is fine once that's done with. Thanks so much! :D
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  12. Daily bump. :)
  13. Bump. Remember, all rupees/items earned this thread will go toward the 16500 museum! :D
  14. Bump! Selling a Blizz Ard's Nose for just 175k!

    EDIT: Nose sold.
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  15. The bumping express is passing through the Hashhog's Buy and Sell Hub Station.