160k out {journal}

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  1. The wild is vast going to over millions of blocks but most only explore to the 50k mark they explore the 10 times used junk but what lies ahead the 50k mark is an amazing sight of new ground with new untouched land.......

    day 1 i decided to go as far out as i could go so i went to the nether went to the tunnels of my outpost and dug, and dug and dug till i hit 20k i made a portal. i forgot flint and steel i was so annoyed at my self for forgetting it . I went to bed soon after.
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  2. Day 2 i explored the nether to find the supplies to make a fire charge to light the portal. i found a massive fortress
    (i plan to make a wither skelly farm in the future ) finally i got a fire charge and went to light my portal.... to only find out it was disabled i went to smp4 cause i needed advice i talked to evil toad and he was nice enough to save me the trip back (he lit the portal).

    i went through the portal and found a awesome spot there were extreme hills, roofed Forest, jungle, Mutated forest, and much more.

    i have plans to make a building sorta like a sun temple. I needed a lot of sandstone so getting a desert was priority 1 it was about 15 mins and i found 1 i dug out 3 dc of sand i plan to make a giant cactus farm when i am done :D
  3. Nifty, I've only gone about 88k out in the wild. So congrats on going 160k.
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  4. that is still a lot
  5. And I will walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more just to be th... (trails off)
  6. This is always the case lol I made it to 37k in the nether before I realized I forgot mine -_-
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  7. day 3 today was a big day i found 1 witch hut and a lot of other stuff :D i got a friend to come out there and help :D
    also if any of u have orange stained clay i really really need it i am running a ra for 2dc of it and it would be a blessing to have some :D
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  8. so i was looking into wither skelly farm designs that did not use ghast or slime blocks and i am having a lot of issues anyone know a design that works on emc ? if so pls tell me
  9. This is the one I use.
    Half slab everything 128 in all directions from the edges, or remove all the blocks to bedrock to increase your drop rate.

    While not absolutely required - I would recommend using /map hide while you are building to keep out the unwanted guests.

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  10. i looked at the design and doesn't that cut out over 50% of the spawning spaces?
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  11. It is all about compromise. The key is getting them off the spawnable blocks quickly to catch the next ticks for spawning new ones. I find this design works well.
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  12. Day4 i have began to plot out where some buildings will be and what they will look like also am making this semi public if u would like to join pm me i do not have a rail yet but we are in the works of 1
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  13. i nave't posted on this in forever i recently made a horse tune of spawn to my outpost and am starting on the main building, a skeleton spawner a underground rail station and a pirate city. much work to do

    From crazy
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  14. rn i am on my way with a inven of fire works XD on my way to 160k with a elytra also i am reviving the dead
  15. right now i am hovering over jacks stream base :D
  16. miscoded mountain killed me i got to 50k :D
  17. Reminds me of something I did a while back, I wrote about it here. Maybe you could try to get to 200k!