15 needles and $1k or not?

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  1. I have been invited to be part of a study. They will pay me $1000, but i will be stuck with a needle 15 times in 3 days!:eek: I HATE needles! I CANNOT stand them! What do you think? I will need to put $300 in other stuff, but that's still enough to get a nice laptop! I just can't decide.:( PLEEZ HELP!
  2. If you don't like what they will be doing, don't do it! :)
  3. But it's 1000 dollars! that's like, 3k in teenager!
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  4. thats 50 months of diamond membership!!!!!!
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  6. i'm 16
    and sorry for yelling
  7. Just put some headphones in, look the other way and consider the fact you are being paid $67 bucks per needle you receive. Very easy money in my opinion. :)
  8. add it to paypal?:)
  9. I don't have paypal.
  10. i suggest making one, its sooooooooooooooo useful
  11. make oneeee
  12. do it....do it... i would do that for 1000$
  13. I'd do it for £100 even lol. As long as the person doing the injecting is good, you'll barely notice it; also after 3-4 you'll get used to it. :)
  14. I wold totally do it, well depending on potential side effects
  15. i need to add more variables
    So, i mite meet a girl,:D cuz there will be other peeps there.
    I just had 2 shots,:confused:and one of them wasn't done very well, so i will only be able to gt one at a time:(.
    I need to tell you y i don't like shots.
  16. If side effects included things like: Occasionally turn into a giant green monster when angry, it could still be worth it.
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  17. I dont like shots either but if u r getting payed 1k why not just think about something else while they r doing it
  18. when i was little, i had to go to primary children's to get an MRI. I needed an IV. They failed miserably. I'm teering up rite now just THINKING about how much pain i was in. I look at the scar now and realize that they were off, in my wrist, by about 4 milimetres. I was only 7.
  19. Thats sad. zIf it were for a medical study then they know how to do it i promise. U could sue them if they do it wrong.
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  20. on the bright side, I would get to stay at a hotel, overcome my fears of shots, and remeber the days when I didn'tcare if I got my blood drawn.