1002 days old, and leaving.

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft Players,

    Today, I shall be leaving EMC. No I won't be permanently gone (as I will still come on hang out with iamkhatru, carolmoss and iamcavie, along with others, every so often), but I will only show up on rare occasions.

    PFAQ (Possibly Frequently Asked Questions):

    1. Why are you leaving?
    Well, put simply, I've grown tired of this server. The constant chit chat of people being loud and obnoxious, past experiences which are leading the staff making me uncomfortable all together as a whole and the direction of how things are going. It's not that same as it was those 1002 days ago I joined.

    2. What is happening to all your stuffz. Can I haz?
    My stuff is also my greatest friends stuff on EMC. We shared everything and together have a rather large pooling of items. All items on my residence and any other location shall be passed on to them to keep and do so as they please.

    3. Are you ever going to back fully?
    No. No I am not. I have since taken up other responsibilites at other servers and shall be more active over there. As stated above, I will be showing up on the odd occasion, but nothing much more than that.

    4. Can I haz all your residences plox?
    No. I will be maintaining the derelict protection on them until I get the all clear from my friends that they have what they want and then they shall be cleared and they will be given admin flags to use them at their disposal. Should you be interested in organising some sort of agreement with me, I might consider giving you access/full ownership. Please PM on that matter.

    5. What about your rupees?
    My rupees are my rupees. Noone gets them.

    6. Oh you. You'll be back tomorrow!

    I wish everyone a fond fair well, Guten Tag, and a good luck for the future.


    Over.... and.... out....
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  2. Vet or new member always sad to see someone go. Hope life goes swell. Bye.

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  3. Pretty well explained. I still remember when we built the now-demolished shop at 3794 together. Maybe we'll cross paths one day. :oops:;)
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  4. :c Jinkers...
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  5. I remember seeing you join 13 days after I joined. Hopefully I'll see you around some time later.
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  6. lol
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  7. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll still stalk the forums should you ever need to contact me and don't have other means :)
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  9. Sad to see ya go.
    Now it is time to go search for another server you are on :p
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  10. Never knew you, don't think I ever will. But I'm sure you were a great guy nonetheless. :D
    Have a good journey!
    Also this cool Irish goodbye song.
  11. see ya elsewhere jinkers!
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  12. This is sad to hear, you will be missed, best of luck to you in your future endeavours!
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  13. We'll miss you, Jinkers. Best of luck with your future. I hope to see you around. :)
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  14. Well, 1000 days is an impressive feat, I admire you for sticking with EMC for this long. Good luck in all your future endeavors! :)
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  15. I have a project I'm working on (one you've heard me talk about for a few years now, lol) that I may use Jinker's rupees for. He agreed. I'll make a post sometime soon.
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  16. Cya round Jinkers..

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  17. Hope you will do well on new servers!
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  18. Thanks guys ^_^ I'm sure I'll cross paths with some of you for sure. To the others, thanks for the best wishes and I hope we do cross paths.
  19. Found me yet? :p
  20. Okay, bye c: