[1000th Post] Eye Tower 104 Project!

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  1. Dearest peoples of EMC!

    This will be my 1000th post! I'll use it to anounce my new project: Eye Tower 104! (SMP1). It will be a tower with shops/public enchanting/public brewing/public crafting/public shearing/public ovens and more. People will also be able to rent a shop in the tower for a small amount of rupees per month and sell their own products in that shop! I'll also rent out some rooms as a hotel.

    Here's a small preview of what it'll look like, I built this on another server.

    The floors will be higher, and double flooring in between. I've got 12 beacons to display on the residence and I'm nearly done with buying all materials needed :D!

    There will be a dropparty of all items I have left when the tower is opening :)

    javaw 2012-11-21 15-10-51-61.jpg
  2. It looks awesome! Also how do we get a shop?
  3. Once the tower is opened and I've determined which floors will be for shops etc I'll post a tower thread with occupation of shops that are for rent :) You can send a message to that thread and I'll write your amount of months and which shop you wish to rent down.
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  4. Also: There will be storage for rent and a stone factory :)
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  5. Bump for some more input from you :D
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  6. This looks very nice, I've always wanted to start a shop and this could be the step up for me.
  7. Anything you make is amazing.
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  8. ^ that
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  9. This looks amazing, I have the best neighbors ever!
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  10. Wow sounds like it could end up a central Hub in SMP1 great work and Architecture as always :).
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  11. Thats actually not a bad way to present it! ''Eye Tower 104, Hub on SMP1, for all your needs'' :D!
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  12. I'll save you a nice shop space :)
  13. I would like a space for mass production sales there as well as on my res.
  14. You mean a big oven room for rent? Or something like a big room with double chests to be filled with merchandise? Could you specify that please
  15. You mean what will be sold in bulk or what kind of room? Just a room with double chest for bulk selling.
  16. Good work!
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  17. That was all I needed to know :)