1000 Posts (reintroduction)

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  1. Hey I finally got 1000 posts! You can ask me stuff, talk to me, convince me to host a giveaway, and more! GO!
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  2. Nice job :)
    Where did you get your (Minecraft) name/what is your real name (if you don't mind)?
    Favorite food?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite Movie?
    Favorite upcoming movie?
    Favorite video game?
    Do you liek trains?
  3. What is your name?
  4. Thanks. :)
    Well I've been using a variation of penf- since I played Pokemon red so I just continued the trend…
    Fried rice :cool:
    Department 19!
    Hmmm. Inception or Matrix Reloaded
    Rise of the Guardians :D
    Minecraft or Jetpack Joyride
    Yes, and potatoes.
    My Internet name is Pen cause I'm maintaining an entirely different person online. My real name will remain unknown for the time being.
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  5. My threads never last long… :(
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  6. Maybe I should have added free rupees in the title…
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  7. What is your home server?
    Do you like Windows 7 :p?
  8. Smp1 but I spend more time elsewhere.
    I've never used Windows 7, so I can't answer that. :p
    More questions anyone?
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  9. I ask this in every AMA thread...

  10. How long did this take?
    Are you on dragon cave?
    Will you geve me some money? :p
  11. YES. But this isn't just an AMA. It's also a persuade Pen into a giveaway/converse with me thread.
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  12. In wich country do you live?
    Do you play other games than Minecraft?
    Do you like school?
  13. 4 monthes I think.
    Maybe. Rupees, euros, yen, dollars, pesos, gold coins, counterfeit, we'll see.
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  14. US and A
    Yeah. I like the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Halo series, Modern Warfare series, and a bunch of free apps.
    Nope. I hate how school teaches. I like to learn, but not how school teaches.
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  15. I didn't say it was only an AMA lol
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  16. I know. Just stating that is wasn't.
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  17. I honestly don't care if you do a giveaway but I will NOT LET THIS THREAD DIE QUICKLY LOL.

    (did this because of your profile page)
  18. THNAK YOU! :)
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  19. Your lucky you got posts my active member thing got none. (probably because I posted it at like 3:00 am for me lol)
  20. 2,000 posts is on its way for me :D