1000 Days of Empire Minecraft

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    Today is my 1000th day on Empire Minecraft, and this is also my 2000th post on these forums, so I figured it should be something special. I haven't been around too much for the past six months, with starting college and getting really into some other games. So it's rather bittersweet seeing this place, which I was so active in for nearly 2 years, become rather unfamiliar. While I'm excited to see this server growing, it's rather strange recognizing nearly no one on smp7. This is not a goodbye thread, but since I doubt I'll be doing much other than voting and keeping all my reses from going derelict, I figured I'd take this 1000 day / 2000 post landmark to thank you all for the wonderful experiences I've had on here. I made a ton of friends, built lots of stuff, and had great adventures. Below are some screenshots from my time here.

    My very first residence. Over the course of 1000 days, it's become more and more full. But the original design has never changed.

    Stark Livemap.png
    Stark Tower. My second residence, home to probably my proudest creation in Minecraft.
    Neighborhood Overhead - Medium 3.png
    The SHIELD Neighborhood, at it's largest. An smp7 neighborhood filled with friends and great builds. While few of the orignial residences are still there, it was fun while it lasted.

    old times.jpg
    creepy old guy w aly.png
    While most of my old screenshots were lost when I upgraded computers, I found a few. Not sure what was going on in the second shot though.

    The TREES Wild base. Long derelict, but still pretty.

    Thank you Empire Minecraft, for all the fun memories. And to those whose EMC journey is only just beginning, enjoy the adventure.
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  2. Whoo! Congrats Ace! Hope you do come back someday. :D
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  3. We've had our differences but this post is pretty cool. Good luck with college and future endeavors!
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  4. Thanks pen!

    Thanks Sam. No hard feelings at all.
  5. Cool screenshots mate. Love the Starks tower
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