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  1. Hello friends!

    Just today someone has speculated about my motives behind my lobbying for a better and a transparent decision making process on EMC regarding decisions that affect community life on EMC - especially around important outstanding changes like land claiming in the Frontier.
    (-> Land claiming - Do it right)

    I guess this is a better place to describe "where I'm coming from." :)

    You can ask me anything, but that does not mean that I'll answer just anything ;)
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  2. How do you think that would work?

    Anyway: Short answer: Nah.

    Long Answer: I'll tell you where I'm coming from.

    IRL I'm software developer working on board computers, navigation, digital signal processing, process control... I like my job, I'm not switching. (And BTW I don't like Java. :))

    IRL I was living in a real dictatorship for a part of my life. That way, I've learned the value of freedom and natural, unconstrained processes in a community. I have left that country and I live in a democracy now. I'm happy with that decision, but one small part of me is always wondering about what is it like to stay and fight for freedom instead of leaving. So besides running mining operations and running a mall on smp6, I'm lobbying for better standards on EMC, for more respect for the community.
    If anyone is keen to know how behavior of people on EMC matches a dictatorship - just ask in another thread please - I can tell you stories about that. :)
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  3. I know this is off topic to the whole lobbying thread... But this is an AMA :p

    What's your best EMC memory and why?
    What do you regret doing/not doing on EMC? :3

    EDIT: Congrats on 1000 days! :D
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  4. It is, yes :)

    I did know for years that there is game with blocks, digging, crafting and creepers, but I never played it until a cousin invited me to play - on EMC. That was love on first sight and instantaneous addiction :)

    Then some other family joined and they talked me into making a shop. I was quite reluctant, I knew this would be too much work and I was actually more a wilderness type. After a week I was watching the pile of mined goods growing. I gave in and so 12162 shop was born and within few weeks it was a success. So I was forced to adapt myself to town life ;)

    I must say it was not hard to be successful in a time where large shops had margin of 100% on most items. It is much harder now *looking at you Anon* :)

    So I never played single player nor creative - until recently when I used creative SP to work on the design for 12221 :)

    Hard to say.
    Maybe I regret not studying the people and the community here a bit more before engaging into political discussions on EMC :)
    Maybe not :p
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  5. Where did you live that was a dictatorship? How old were you when you left there? What was the decision making process like when you decided to leave? (Maybe you were a kid and didn't make the choice yourself?) What kind of political state do you live in now? What are some of the main day to day differences you see between the two places?

    If you don't mind sharing more on this. It seems like it could be an interesting story.
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  6. How much Wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  7. An European country.

    As young adult. Not yet old enough to really understand what was going on, but young enough to have a good memory and once removed from the original environment start to understand, step by step.

    I wanted to study computer science, this was in the first plan. The actual decision to leave was the decision not to return that came after few years.

    Democracy, constitutional state, functioning rule of law.

    Less corruption vs. much more corruption, functioning vs. not functioning rule of law, functioning vs. not functioning industry and economy.
    After a dictatorship ends, it last long time, actually generations, before people change, before mentality changes.
    The country has a new constitution and modern laws, but the people, for a part, are doing things the old way.
  8. How much chuck wood chuckwood chuck if a chuckwood wood chuck chuck?

    Wenn Fliegen hinter Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach. :)

    (When flies fly behind flies, fly flies after flies.)
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  9. Congrats on 1000 days M4nic_M1ner. :)
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  10. Woop! Welcome to the 1k club, Mr. M4nic!

    Since this is, after all, an Ask Me Anything, I have 2 questions for you.

    1. How did you come up with your name?
    2. Is the dress blue and black or white and gold? ;)
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  11. WOOP congrats!!!
    1. Tell me one awesome part of your res/
    2. How did you find EMC?
    3. What's 9 + 10? :p
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  12. Thanks!

    "Manic Miner" was like the first computer / video game I've played. I didn't think long before picking the name ... I realize now that almost no one knows that game.
    And I do like to mine :)

    You can play the game here:


    I was able to finish it before, I won't try again now :)

    well the dress might be blue and black, but the picture is blueish (#8493bb) and gold (#7a6b41) :p
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  13. Thanks! :)
    It seems that it is an achievement to get 1000 days old ;)

    The top of the tree on a nice day's sunset :)

    You didn't read the answers above :)

    42 :p
  14. Um I read the answers and none seem to ask how you found EMC....unless I skipped one but I don't think I did...
  15. It's #4 :)
  16. That's nice :)