100 Days Giveaway! :)

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  1. Hello! :)

    As I will soon be reaching my 100th day on EMC, I thought that I would have a little giveaway just to celebrate.
    I admit the prizes aren't that much, but at least wanted to give something back to the community.
    So, as it's usually done, pick a number below and once they are all chosen I will pick some winners through random.org.

    **Winner are below, red name means you won.
    Head to 10398 on smp5, chests are on top floor of my house.**

    1. Orlandont
    2. Biscuitboy5396
    3. fluffinator09
    4. firefromwithin
    5. hayjam
    6. TomvanWijnen
    7. margaritte
    8. Torian42
    9. bucky291
    10. battmeghs
    11. codygraw101
    12. o0_Jetfire_0o
    13. Kman122000
    14. penfoldex
    15. jrlizard
    16. Qwerty189
    17. AlexHallon
    18. Highbuddy
    19. josh303011
    20. Lukas3226

    I will also be having a small lottery as well.
    If you want to enter just buy a dirt ticket for 100r from me at my res (10398) on smp5.
    (In my house, top of the double stairs.)
    The current prize stands at 2,000r but it will be increased if more people buy tickets.

    So, if you enter 1, or even both.
    Good Luck! :)

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  2. Happy 100th day when ever that is lol and may i have um.... 11
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  3. It's tomorrow.
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  4. Happy ''anniversery'' 18
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  5. Happy 100 :D 7, please!
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  6. Happy 100th Birthday!

    17, please! :)
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  7. Happy 100th! 16 please!
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  8. Thanks :)
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  9. Happy day of 100. 13 please.
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  10. Happy "Birthday" :)

    Can i please get 6?
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  11. Happy 100. 14 please!
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  12. I would like to take any available slot, please and thank you.

    Also, once I'm able to reconnect, I would like to participate in the lottery.
  13. Cool, you would be the only contestant so far lol.
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  14. happy 100th day,
    i went past mine without knowing and now i have to wait for my 200th one :(
    can i have number 12 please?
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  15. 15 please and happy 100th
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  16. 20 please. hmm... maybe i should celebrate whan I'm one year on EMC!
  17. Lottery purchased!
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  18. Happy 100! 8 please.
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